My Batgirl moment

When displaying a collection of like items, grouping them together is the way to go, and for good reason: the technique makes everything from porcelain dogs to vintage Star Wars toys look sort of curated and important. But I don’t think this is what a certain anonymous gun collector had in mind when he/she created their own special den, although I’m sure he/she enjoys seeing them assembled that way nonetheless. Stumbling across unexpected rooms like this is one of the reasons I love, um, shooting home interiors so much.

Extra credit: What’s the most unique room in your home?

I totally empathized with Batgirl when she discovered a similar room in her new DC comic series.

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10 Responses to “My Batgirl moment”

  1. To quote Batgirl…”Wow.”
    That whole thing really scares me. I will stick with my oil can collection!

  2. I reiterate… wow.

  3. Double-wow! Very scary – is this person preparing for armageddon? Guess they don’t need the “Intro to Handguns” workshop being advertised in HUGE letters on Cabela’s sign along 1-90W. (shudder) We do live in a strange world.

  4. to each his/her own I guess. something tells me this person had more function than form in mind when the “collection” was created. liking the touch of the footwear, but not so sure about the gumball machine.

  5. Somehow I don’t think my collection of heart-shaped boxes, including a genuine Wedgwood, Irish porcelain, and Delft porcelain, among many others, would generate as much feedback as all this “hardware of destruction”. At the moment I don’t have my decorative box collection on display as my room is slowly undergoing major renovation. This newsletter issue has given me new impetus to unpack these small pieces of beauty, arrange them,photograph them and submit them humbly as an antidote.

  6. You now, if you’re going to collect somethng then you might as well go all out. Speaking of unusual homes Tate, if you’re interested I think my house might *finally* be ready for you to see. The first floor is pretty much done.

  7. You never post anymore. Why.

  8. haha, interesting. As long as all he does is collecting them, it’s fine with me..

  9. Definitely a lot more serious than my collection of bottle openers.