Burning Man spirit in the Illinois boonies

Intrigued by the massive public art displays, anti-commerce ethos and the rich photographic opportunities that would have undoubtedly presented themselves at Burning Man, I briefly contemplated heading out into the Nevada desert for the annual festival this year. (Click here for a 2009 New York Times slide show depicting some of the art installations). It was general cowardice that stopped me, not to mention a lifelong aversion to dirt and grime, which come part and parcel with the periodic dust storms and scarce water. Instead, I visited my Mom and her husband Jake, who took me on a tres interesting drive through the back roads of Will and Grundy counties. As I learned in short order, there’s Burning Man spirit right here in Illinois. You just have to know where to look for it. Hint: start at the Three Rivers Yacht Club where there’s a massive stone skull facing a Totem pole that points the way to Valhalla.

If I could attend Burning Man in the comfort of a decked out Airstream, I might be singing a different tune. Click here for the New York Times story.

The eyes must light up at night. I’d love to party there one evening. Maybe we should get a group together?

Just add wheels and this could be way cooler than that Airstream.

Don’t ask me.

This yurt, which might make a decent Burning Man dwelling, is now available on a riverfront road between the Joliet and Three Rivers yacht clubs.

Pretty decent view but watch out when the water rises.

Something tells me that watch towers will soon be the hot trend in home construction.

Speaking of towers, these are the cooling towers for the spent fuel rods at Dresden nuclear station. Note the massive cloud of steam. (A clump of my hair fell out this morning, but I’m sure it’s just psychosomatic).

Sorry to end on a corny note.

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2 Responses to “Burning Man spirit in the Illinois boonies”

  1. Funny. I love to spend the day driving around looking at stuff that other people see and take for granted daily.