Summer in the City

Have you seen the Marilyn Monroe statue downtown? Apparently it’s somewhat controversial, but I kind of dig it. I took the train downtown last weekend and walked around snapping photos. If you’ve never been to Millennium Park, I highly recommend checking it out. I can’t think of another place where the feeling of joy is so palpable in the air. I worked across the street at the Stone-Container building (150 N. Michigan) for six years and watched the park being built. Cost overruns made it controversial as well, but the sound of children laughing and splashing near the fountains make it seem worthwhile in the long run. What do you think?

I snapped this photo at the Art Institute. Although the woman looks peaceful and contemplative in this image, she is actually dialing her cell phone. When she heard the click of my camera, she turned toward me with a glare and scurried off to the side to continue her phone call.

Click here to see where one blue man lives.

Over and out.

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4 Responses to “Summer in the City”

  1. These photographs capture the city the way those of us who live here see it every day. But with an extra added focus that helps us really see it.

    So thanks.

  2. Love these photos, Tate! They make me love this city even more!

  3. I love Marilyn and fear she might catch a cold in a few months. Hopefully, she has received her flushot! Millennium Park is an amazing place to visit no matter what time of year. I recently attended the Chicago Dance Festival at Pritzker where I watched the Jeffrey Ballet, Martha Graham Dance Company, Paul Taylor, River North, Ballet West and NYC Ballet for free! I love Chicago!

  4. Your photos always bring back great memories of my only visit to your wonderful city, on Labor Day Weekend of 1982. [I was in town for the World Science Fiction Convention, Chicon IV.] Clearly I need to come back for another visit!