Ace Hotel Palm Springs design lessons

I just returned from 11 days in California, four of which were spent in a very smart, super comfortable, uber-cool two room suite at the Ace Hotel, which is my new favorite place to stay in Palm Springs, which is one of my all-time favorite places. Although it’s hotter than hell in the California desert at this time of year (114° F hot), lounging by the pool under a cooling mist made the heat tolerable. Eminently so. The people watching was fun too. The Ace attracts a diverse crowd that includes the youngish and the oldish, the coiffed and the grungy, the parents and the kidless, the gays and the straights, the bears and the waxed and even a few people with no tattoos. Everyone was friendly and laid back. It was great. (Granted, it’s easier to be chill in such a setting). And I love the room so much that I want to copy every idea. To see what I mean, continue below. What say you about the Ace? Like? Or no?

Brown linoleum floors are cool in more ways than one.

Slatted wood panels dress up simple drywall. Simple, interesting and cost-effective. I’m swiping this idea for my own place. But where?

Drapes between the two rooms take the place of French doors and create the feeling of a tent in the desert.

The record player adds appropriately retro flair.

I’m pretty sure the upholstered headboard is actually a twin bed, but I forgot to measure so I could be wrong. The denim cover had magazine pockets sewn in.

If you know where I can find these sconces, please let me know.

The bathroom was clean and clutter-free. It became absolutely imperative to keep it that way. See the black bar running along the edge of the vanity counter? I thought it seemed odd until right after I washed my face with a small towel. Then it made perfect sense.

One not so good point – the couch was not comfortable and while I appreciate that coffee table, my big toe did not.

Every area had its own outdoor lounge with a fireplace.

Like so.

Some suites also included a private outdoor living area.

The cafe outside the gym. There’s a $20 per day spa fee, which includes use of the big pool, gym and sauna.

Time goes slower out there in the desert heat, at least that’s what I used to think; this trip went all too fast.

This is the lobby. That rope hanging in the windows is way 70’s huh? I kind of love it, but I probably won’t steel that idea.

Check out the display case above the front desk.

This is the onsite restaurant, which was excellent. Seriously, I ate the chicken club three times. The fries were good. The sirloin white bean chili was amazing as well, as was the spaghetti.

It was a little Pulp Fiction-y, which I dug.

Somebody tell me the name of the fab fabric artist who made this elephant bust.

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3 Responses to “Ace Hotel Palm Springs design lessons”

  1. anybody know who might have made the quasi leather butterfly chairs in the lobby? the place reminds me of one of my favorite retro vacations in florida.

  2. What a weird place. I’d love to see what it looked like before. I like those slatted wood panels too. Very innovative.

  3. Wow, I felt cooler just looking at all that white and draped curtains. Love their recycled furnishings (cable reel tables are among my favourites). Did you sit out any evening by a roaring fire, or did it not cool down enough at night for that? Did you get a “low season” rack rate for your stay?