Photos: Summer in Edgewater Glen

I’m kind of obsessed with this retro building on the north side. My friends think I’m crazy and that the building is ugly, but as you can see from this photo, they are mistaken. What do you think?

This is the house directly across the street from the building in the top photo. It reminds me of that house under the roller coaster on Coney Island as featured in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

On a parallel street, this private abode is very intriguing.

This garage balcony looks pretty swank. You can almost feel the buzzing of the electric lines. (If the Secret works, I will soon have a similarly lovely retreat atop my garage).

Ms. A has always struck me as a bit plain Jane, but she looks sensational in this Smart Water ad.

Since The Return of the Bed Bugs, I’ve quelled any impulses that I might have once entertained to rescue upholstered furniture from the trash. But I do like the lines on this one.


I’ll bet that there’s an apple pie cooking in this Uptown single family.

I lived off the Argyle stop for a year or so in the late 90’s.

Along the lake.

I call this one The Gates of Heaven.

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4 Responses to “Photos: Summer in Edgewater Glen”

  1. Wonder how many Happys are out there? Happy Grocery, Happy Cleaners on Roscoe, …….

  2. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Thanks for the summer photos, I always enjoy a photo tour.

  4. What a cool place Edgewater Glen and nearby neighbourhoods look like in the summer, even though the weather forecasts tell us it’s been scorching!