Jinx you owe me a coke! Coincidence or design doppleganger?

Top photo: The dining room in my Edgewater Glen apartment. Bottom photo: The family room in my friend JB’s Highland Park home, which I’ve photographed twice, the first time a couple of years ago for a Strange Closets Open House and the second time earlier this year for the North Shore magazine Make It Better.

Sharing a proclivity for vintage astronomy prints is one thing (I stole the idea from an Elle Decor spread). But coupled with a blue painting? What are the odds? Because my good friend, Rebekah Zaveloff, of KitchenLab and Design in a Bag, redesigned the kitchen and helped JB decorate the rest of the place, I wondered if they might be having a little fun with me, but they say no. What do you think?

1. Indeed I was punked by JB and Rebekah.

2. The universe is sending me a coded message, and I should skip the jokes and more diligently attempt to decipher.

3. Great minds . . .

4. As coincidences go, it’s really not that remarkable.

Click here to read all about JB’s renovation in Chicago Home + Garden. Click here to read about the decor in Make It Better. Scroll below for more photos of JB’s fantabulous home. Thanks JB and Rebekah!

Thanks to Rebekah Zaveloff’s design, this might be the most published kitchen of the past decade. Not too difficult to see why eh?

This is a Victorian-style Foursquare. Note the four square door frames.

Not to mention the peacock pillow, which may also be viewed as ominous in light of this post.

Who loves this house? (I never get tired of that one).

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2 Responses to “Jinx you owe me a coke! Coincidence or design doppleganger?”

  1. I think it’s a “Great Minds Think Alike” gig. However, as beautiful as her home may be (LOVE the kitchen and all her chandeliers), my OCD screams out when I see all of her framed pictures askew (Tate, yours are perfectly aligned!!) and her white floor lamp leaning like the Tower of Piza. I’m just sayin’…

    Tate – If you haven’t already heard about “One Kings Lane”, check it out. I’m currently obsessed with watching Million Dollar Decorators and this is an on-line venue for high-end home goods at affordable prices (well, not all of them, ha).
    Miss you Tate!
    ~Cousin Paula

  2. Love your dining room Tate! And great post. Thanks as always for another wonderful article. I just love JB’s house, it was such an awesome project.