Abandoned brewery. Small town. Hot summer Sunday.

Warning: this post contains graphic images of urban decay, although I have a feeling that you might like that kind of thing. If not, imagine how this place would look with a little rehab, a thick shag rug and a mohair sofa. Or how it would have looked 100 years ago when it was bustling with brewery workers. I wonder if they noticed the architecture and amazing light? With unobstructed views of a nearby state park, the I & M Canal and the Illinois River, this building oozes unrealized potential.

Imagine my delight.

Doubt means don’t.

Check out this ceiling. I guess breweries have always been cool.

Wouldn’t those giant exhaust vents make stellar hoods for a massive commercial stove?

The second floor would make a killer living room. Upstairs will be the master suite.

Regarding the Chinese screen, your guess is as good as mine.

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4 Responses to “Abandoned brewery. Small town. Hot summer Sunday.”

  1. These are amazing, where did you find this place? That building has major potential.

  2. Urban blight and neglected buildings always make me a little sad. Who let you prowl around unescorted in this building anyway? An unanticipated structural collapse, and we ne’er would have heard from our dear pal Tate again… Glad you escaped to tell this building’s tale. Maybe you could do an expose (ex po say) on a series of buildings like this in your area to prompt more urban renewal.

  3. That appears to be the old Gebhard Brewery in Morris,if so the inside of the larger of the 2 buildings? Really nice photos of inside, and a tip of the hat for going inside.

    Were the cars in that building as well?

  4. These photos are indeed the inside of the Old Gebhard Brewery. It was a very successful business, but closed in 1919 due to prohibition. It was then used off and on as a flour mill, and later as a factory for gaskets, and then lantern wicks. It has been abandoned for at least 40 years.