Open House: Janet Friedman’s Logan Square place

It was only after I’d finished photographing Janet Friedman’s brilliant Logan Square four-bedroom home that I realized that what felt like an hour had actually taken three. Artists and athletes often speak of a state of intense concentration when time seems to stand still, and I often experience the phenomenon when shooting places like Janet’s, which is chock-full of interesting antiques, decorative vignettes and lots of outsider and naive art. This state of consciousness or “flow” seems inherent when people concentrate intensely on an activity they love, and Janet told me that it happens to her when she decorates, which might explain why the interior designer and owner of JRF Interiors offers a fixed day-rate where she spruces up her client’s home using their own things.  Thanks Janet!

Click here for past home tours.

From my recent Chicago Tribune piece about Janet’s apartment. Tribune photography by Bill Hogan.

Have you ever seen anything like that silver screen? If I could swipe one piece in the entire apartment, that would be it.

Vintage automobile hood ornaments!

To add interest, Janet painted the wood table legs silver.

A deco light hangs in the original kitchen.

The second bedroom is located off the front foyer.

Janet created this art installation using vintage items and ephemera in her fourth bedroom / atelier.

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6 Responses to “Open House: Janet Friedman’s Logan Square place”

  1. Janet… Your home looks amazing!

  2. Read the article this Sunday, so really appreciate your shots which give a better sense of her place. Love how she makes the most unusual or mundane thing besutiful as part of a grouping. Since I also love creating vignettes everywhere, I was taking notes of what she said and of the images. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tate, if you get to the silver screen, first then I would grab the green, fringed sofa and the bicycle seat on a stand. Love the mix of great “stuff”.

  4. Beautiful. I’m going to have to study that bathroom since I have all the same tile but my bathroom doesn’t look nearly as nice.

  5. Okay, Ill take the freemasons wire thing that on the wall.