Urban forms

I’ve been noticing this form around town lately, most recently atop a Lincoln Avenue building near its busy intersection with Belmont and Ashland. I’m pretty sure these steel structures were meant to hold billboards. If so, the sluggish economy might explain my growing awareness of their existence. One thing’s for sure: I’m far more fascinated by their almost sculptural multidimensionality than the bright boring ads they ordinarily support.  I wouldn’t know how to display such a sublime urban form, were I to be fortunate enough to acquire one. It screams lawn sculpture, but the scale is all wrong for my tiny patch of grass. I’m sure I could recreate the piece by soldering pieces of steel or even wire together, which is an idea I swiped from former Open House stars Sean and Eric, who used the technique to make a tabletop sculpture I still covet (see below). But I’m not really jonesing for another project after refinishing my tanker desk last summer, so for now at least, I’ll love these beauties from afar. Do unexpected urban forms ever inspire you? If so, how? Inquiring minds want to know.

This specimen on Broadway is less intricate than others but still lovely.

Sean and Eric’s place as photographed by Nathan Kirkman for Chicago Home + Garden. On the coffee table is that awesome sculpture I told you about earlier (unless you’re reading this post backwards-forwards, which is really big right now (not really)).

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One Response to “Urban forms”

  1. I love it too. I’ve stared in wonderment at that giant metal thing since 1981.