Open House: Johanna Lowe’s Buchanan home

Johanna Lowe’s 150 year old Buchanan, Michigan home is one of the many country cool spaces featured in the latest issue of Chicago Home + Garden. Like many before her, Johanna, was charmed by Buchanan’s excellent, relatively inexpensive housing stock and charming downtown, which includes amazing home design and antique shops like Front, Thomas Jolly Home & Garden and Alan Robandt Antiques. In fact, it was Alan who first introduced me to Johanna not long after she bought the place two years ago (Gracias Alan!). Although Johanna, a food photo stylist, was in the middle of expanding and modernizing her kitchen at the time, I finally had the pleasure to photograph her amazing home last year, and I thought you might enjoy my scouting shots. Please pick up a copy of Chicago Home + Garden’s May / June 2011 issue (on newsstands now) for the full story along with Matthew Gilson’s gorgeous photography. Thanks Johanna!

Don’t miss Buchanan’s 3rd annual Unsanctioned event on Saturday, May 28th for live music, food, art, crafts, food, antiques, and shopping. Click here for more information. Click here for past Open House posts.

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2 Responses to “Open House: Johanna Lowe’s Buchanan home”

  1. I read the article in Chicago Home mag and was going to write you to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It’s such a quirky, creative and personalized home. I love it! Thank you for the extra shots.

  2. Those are really some impressive pictures. She has to be very proud of how nice her home is.