Open House: Mark Edge’s big Atlanta project

Last year, Amy Wikman, of Bjork Antikt & Studio, e-mailed me photos of her friend, jewelry designer Mark Edge’s historic Atlanta home, which the two had spent months renovating. Wikman, who has a degree in historic preservation, helped Edge choose period-appropriate hardware and finishes, and the result is a stunning backdrop for Edge’s eclectic collection of furniture, art and accessories, including some very interesting examples of Decoratus Absurdum. I pitched their story to the Chicago Tribune where it appeared earlier this month, and I thought you might enjoy seeing a few before and after photos. Thanks Mark and Amy!

Click here for Bjork Antikt & Studio.

Mark Edge Jewelry is now available in the Sundance catalogue. Click here for Edge’s website, and be sure to check out his Eco Vintage collection.

Living room fireplace – before.

Dining room – before

Dining room – after


Library – after

This is how the bathrooms looked when they bought the place.

This is how they look now.

Kitchen – before.

Kitchen – after

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8 Responses to “Open House: Mark Edge’s big Atlanta project”

  1. WOW! I loved seeing this in the Sunday Trib magazine but it’s so much better seeing the before pictures and the amazing transformation!

  2. It is so cool to see the before and after picture, amazing really. Love it.

  3. This place is fantastic! I love everything about it. I guess it shows that very few places are too far gone to do something wonderful with.

  4. That is an incredible transformation. I love how they stuck to the period and how, even though they did alot, it doesn’t seems like they did a gut rehab.

  5. That is an amazing change for the house. I love the bathroom, kitchen and the dining room light. Its nice to see these older homes get a new life.

  6. So broody and beautiful. Love this place and what an accomplishment to rehab it.

  7. stunning!

    note: one can never have too much marble.

  8. This place is so handsome and inspiring…it’s making me want to do some major Spring cleaning/sprucing up. Unfortunately, Spring has yet to arrive here in Chicago. This house is gorgeous!!!