2011 Merchandise Mart Dream Home is very dreamy indeed

This is Michael Del Piero’s beautiful interpretation of a home office at Merchandise Mart’s 2011 Dream Home. She used a neutral Maya Romanoff wall covering made with handmade textured paper that complements the brushed metal accents and woven baskets. The office is fit for an archeologist or renowned professor, it’s sweeping and cinematic – as is the entire home. It’s easy to imagine Grace Kelly circa 1955 relaxing with a copy of Vanity Fair  in Michael Abrams’s master suite or greeting Cary Grant in Julia Buckingham Edelmann’s grand foyer, and I’m fairly certain that Sophia Loren has dined in Frank Ponterio’s European-inspired dining room. If that whets your palate, I’m glad, because Dream Home is cool. It works aesthetically, it works educationally, it works ironically, it’s a fairly novel way to spend an afternoon, and if you’re into design-scene gossip, the walls talk, so check it out. Click here for more information.

Textured for visual pleasure. Maya Romanoff wall covering in Michael Del Piero’s 2011 Dream Home office.

Michael Abrams’s gorgeous master bedroom.

Abrams’s vanity area. He also used a Maya Romanoff Bedazzled wall covering.

Julia Buckingham Edelmann’s grand foyer.

Julia Buckingham Edelmann’s grand foyer.

Scott Himmel and Michael Henning’s living room.

Scott Himmel and Michael Henning’s living room.

Gorgeous kitchen designed by Shawna Dillon of Snaidero Chicago.

Luca Lanzetta’s dressing room.

Frank Ponterio’s dining room.

Lauren Coburn’s media room.

Outdoor room designed by 1 Design Group’s Michael & Lori Anthony with Jeremy.

Dream Home lobby by Janet Blutter Shiff and Lynn Boutross.

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8 Responses to “2011 Merchandise Mart Dream Home is very dreamy indeed”

  1. It is looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see it :)

  2. GASP!!!

  3. I’m dreaming already. Thanks for the sneak peak! Can’t wait to experience it in person.

  4. while many of del piero’s pieces are beautiful, the overall effect of the room looks cold, tomblike. feh.

  5. Let me know if you still feel the same way after you visit in person Mitchee. I thought the room was warm and inviting in person, definitely not tomblike.

  6. thanks tate for the preview which whets my intrest.

    each room is stunning!

  7. It might be a dream, because it almost put me to sleep.

    I was pretty disappointed after my visit. While all attractive, none of the rooms seem to push any envelopes which is a bit of a let down when these designers have the opportunity to truly design for themselves. The palette was the same throughout, very cool, very Mart. I enjoyed Michael del Piero’s room and Julia Buckingham Edelman’s grand foyer the most, but those even seemed relatively safe for such talented and risk-taking designers.

  8. Oh my, give me those “hooded” chairs in the Julia Buckingham Edelmann foyer. The whole house has a colour scheme that whispers grace and elegance instead of trumpeting it. Even as someone who doesn’t like gray in decor, I find the bedroom is gorgeous! The media room would be my preferred retreat in this “Dream House”. Well done, great article and photos, Tate.