Open House: Sarah Polster’s place

Please check out my recent Chicago Tribune article, The Fixer-Upper, for the scoop on Sarah Polster’s amazing Logan Square place. Sarah and I first met when I photographed her boyfriend, Dan Devening’s condo in September 2008. Click here for Dan’s Open House. During the shoot, Dan mentioned that Sarah had a great place, and I hounded her pretty regularly for an invitation to see it. Two years later, I finally got the call to photograph her Logan Square owner’s unit last last fall, and the cornucopia of vintage and contemporary pieces was well worth the wait. Sarah has been busy since we first met. Her Cushion Chicago vintage business has grown its Etsy presence, and her booths have been a regular feature at flea markets such as The Vintage BazaarThanks Sarah!

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Please check out Dan’s gallery Devening Projects + Editions.

I have an old wood worn box painted a similar shade of green, which I think Sarah might love. I’d hate to see it go, but I would be tempted to trade it for that geometric planter. Check out Sarah’s inspired use of the vintage levels.

The sofa is from Jayson Home + Garden. She bought it one of their annual sales and scored a killer deal. The deals are out there folks.

The second floor TV room / family room / den.

The second floor TV room / family room / den.

TV shelving stylishly arranged.

The second-floor landing / office.

Salt and pepper shakers – perfect for Sarah Polster. How I wish they made Tumeric and Garlic Powder shakers.

The second-floor master bedroom.


14 is the answer.

Kitchen shelves stylishly arranged.

The back porch. Three seasons of bliss.

Click here for Sarah’s vintage shop Cushion Chicago.

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8 Responses to “Open House: Sarah Polster’s place”

  1. Great space! I love that vintage aqua painted table;)

  2. Sarah has my dream home!

  3. a lot of fabulous vintage pieces, and that master bedroom looks very sweet and comfy.

  4. Love the house. I like that the wall colors are well thought out. I also like the mix of older vintage pieces with the mid century pieces.

  5. Leah Patgorski 09. Mar, 2011 at 7:33 pm


  6. Wow, wonderful place and congratulations to you, Tate on your publication in the Chicago Tribune! You’ll get a paying gig out of all this hard work yet, I have faith in you.

  7. Thank you, all!
    Ted, good eye! 😉 I adore that table you refinished for me.
    Carol, Tate’s been getting paying gigs for years now. He’s well on his way to journalistic fame!

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Love it..!! Congrats..!! You’ve always has an eye for design..!!