Matthew Lew Gallery

Last week I visited Matthew Lew Gallery to catch his show, Chicago Pop, before it ends at the end-of-March. Lew’s vibrant paintings are a nice reminder that there’s plenty to love about Chicago, which can feel kind of gray and especially punishing at this time of year. Lew’s paintings might also change the way you ‘taste’ the city. He blended actual corn syrup into the paint for his depiction of Marina Towers (i.e. the corn cob buildings), and I won’t spoil the other whimsical touches, but after more than a decade living in Chicago, it made me consider the city in an entirely different way. My photos, while exceptional, don’t do the show justice, so check out Chicago Pop before it closes on the 31st.

Matthew Lew Gallery. 415 N. Sangamon St., Chicago, IL. 312.929.2593

You can also find prints of Lew’s work at CB2, the offspring of Northbrook-based home realtor Crate and Barrel. The company also offers a gorgeous print by photographer Bret Grafton. You may remember Bret’s very cool Strange Closets Open House.

Matthew Lew at the gallery

The last remaining piece from a past show.

Matthew Lew at the gallery

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3 Responses to “Matthew Lew Gallery”

  1. Oh my Tate, these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing – I have to go check them out in person! Again, thanks for SC and turning me onto things I didn’t know about from living in a hole (ok, from working too much).

  2. Tate,

    Great job capturing the spirit of the show! I have to agree Matt’s work in person is captivating! Thanks for sharing your take.

  3. I love art that has you take another look to really disect what’s going on- just like this art.
    I remember when working on a commercial design project we were considering his work for the lobby piece. His work is fantastic!