Knoll’s Pollock chair (a thinly disguised post about my den)

This is the latest in a long line of self-centered posts, but I’ve made some changes to my den and wanted to keep you appraised about the situation. For many months, I’ve been watching Ebay and Craig’s List for a Pollock executive chair, which Knoll introduced in 1965 and still manufactures. For environmental and cost reasons, I prefer vintage, but I had a heck of a time finding the right upholstery in the right condition for the right price. That is, until last week, when I spotted this gorgeous specimen, which had been newly listed on Ebay at a very reasonable price, which included delivery from Ohio (in a hydrogen powered truck no doubt). Athough I’d heard horror stories about dealing with freight shipping, I took a chance on Buy It Now and was surprised when the Pollock arrived at my front door, in nearly mint condition, less than a week later. Not just stylish, this chair is very comfortable. From now on, that’s the only formula I’ll accept when buying furniture, laying out a space or even choosing fabrics. Call me a slow learner, but after repeated life lessons, I’ve finally realized that sacrificing comfort for style just doesn’t make sense. In fact, well designed pieces don’t make you choose. With the addition of the Pollock (and a few minor edits – see below), my den is finally complete, and it’s nothing like its former life as a guest bedroom.  Is your home decorated for style, comfort or both?

Stay tuned for Part 5 (at least) of my self-centered den post series, which will also be a sequel to last year’s decorate the drawer post. I’m not kidding.

The little rocket ship is an ink pen from Urban Outfitters. The T is from Agent Gallery – one of Chicago’s most unique and awesome vintage shops. Click here for Agent Gallery’s SC profile. From what I’ve gathered, the T was part of a large cache of vintage letters. My friend Marla, who lives in San Francisco, even bought a matching M, although it remains unhung. Click here for Marla and Cate’s Open House.

Dave Hopkins (aka Decorator Dave) traded me this vintage gum ball machine for some photos. Click here for Dave’s amazing Open House.

Andrew Hollingsworth gave me a terrific deal on this lamp. Click here for his website and online shop.

This was my dad’s tennis racket when he was a kid. He passed it along to me when I took tennis lessons in grade school. That its black and white color works so perfectly in the den was a nice benefit.

This photo was staged for humorous effect. These bone beads (from Michael Del Piero Good Design) do not normally prop up a photo of Adam West as Batman. Having said that, these three strands are possibly the most versatile home accessory (slash necklaces) I’ve ever owned. Hang them, wear them, display them in a bowl or just pile a few in the windowsill corner.

These replace a bulletin board covered with photos, which I love, however I needed magazine storage. I bought this piece at Pottery Barn Kids, which I prefer to Pottery Barn Adults. Check out these planes now available at PB Kids:

This is the first photo in what will become a picture within a picture within a picture within a picture . . ., which I’ll frame and display on that shelf. Don and Jackie (click here for their amazing Open House) who have a framed photo of every room in that room, were my inspiration. What do you think?

Visit Architectural Anarchy for amazing finds like this.

I’m sitting in this chair right now, although it depends on how you define now. The den’s aesthetic reminds me of a music industry executive’s office (minus the cocaine), although it could also belong to the publisher of an underground website about UFO coverups and government conspiracies.

This bust was also an Architectural Anarchy find.

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10 Responses to “Knoll’s Pollock chair (a thinly disguised post about my den)”

  1. I love your den too. It’s you through and through. I want a Pollock office chair now.

  2. Love the chair! Perfect for your den. I’ve always been freaked out by the whole idea of freight shipping via ebay. Happy to hear this was a positive experience. Maybe this will help me get over my phobia.

  3. The best looking den in Chicago. Again, I would not leave my house if it looked like yours. Seriously.

  4. I remember the guest bedroom from your blog about it, Tate, and you’re right, the change is dramatic. Do you have a small sofa in your new den that guests can crash on when needed? As fabulous as the Knoll chair is, I don’t imagine it is any heck to sleep in…

  5. Love the chair and I totally agree that comfort is key. I bought and then later sold a gorgeous bright blue mid-c sofa that caused extreme back pain if you sat in it for too long (like say, the length of a movie).

    Have you checked out the new location in Lincoln Square of Daniel’s Antiques? He has some really lovely things!

  6. Yay! So glad you found the perfect chair. Now what will you hunt for next?

  7. Tate – You already know how much I LOVE that desk and the rest of the room looks amazing as well. Great finds and the combination is inspirational. Thanks for showing us.

  8. Nice den!

    What color paint did you choose for the walls?


  9. I have one of these four leg Pollock chairs, black leather on casters (casters marked made in Denmark.)
    6 black and 6 brown were being thrown away on a home reno project I worked on a few years back, and not knowing furniture, I only took the one.
    Willing to sell, as cash is surpassing furniture wishes at the moment…can forward pix with label info, etc. if someone is interested

  10. The den is awesome. I’ve got 2 vintage Pollock chairs – both are special. I got one from my now wife as a birthday present when we started dating and the other was my dad’s – he worked in that chair for most of his career.

    Found your blog when searching about having them reupholstered. Cool stuff!