Green Element Resale (Plus: time travel invention?)

Welcome to the future. Video phones are real. Sort of. Cars drive themselves. At least the Google ones do. And with my new invention, the Time Viewer, viewing the past is as easy as adjusting the dial to the desired date. As evidence, I’ve included a photo of the amazing (if I do say so myself) invention, which I simply set to 1968 and pointed at  my living room fireplace wall. Not really, but that would be almost as amazing as the iPad. Actually, the slide belonged to a Swedish family who once lived on Ashland Avenue in Andersonville, although they traveled to San Diego to visit Lou and Barb in 1968 (stay tuned for Barb’s Open House). It was part of a DVR-sized cardboard box full of slides (the perfect gift for a friend who collects), which I bought at Green Element Resale, a new second hand showroom of the old-school variety. There’s a lot of everything in the massive warehouse, and I saw quite a few incredible finds at great prices. If you’re into that kind of thing, I suggest checking it out.

Green Element Resale. 6241 N. Broadway Ave., Chicago. 773.544-0505

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One Response to “Green Element Resale (Plus: time travel invention?)”

  1. Hi, is this a recent photo? Looks like your snow mountains have finally melted away. I wish we had stores like this near me; then again, with my still severely- limited budget, it’s just as well that there aren’t any.