Chicago strolls (part 1)

The weather is finally warm enough to make neighborhood strolls pleasant. After spending the long winter in a state of semi-hibernation, the whole world looks new and interesting, although in truth, cultivating an active interest in photography has made everything in every season look beautiful to me. If the world looks dull, dreary or ugly, take up photography. After enough time looking for the “nice shot,” you’ll begin to see them everywhere (as my sometime annoyed friends can attest). For me, cutting through a back alley is just as beautiful and even more fascinating than strolling along a boulevard. The iPhone’s camera has improved to the point that for a simple neighborhood walk, I often opt to leave my much heavier Nikon at home. Most of these pics were taken in Lakeview, Uptown and Edgewater over the last week or two.

The Tuesday Question: Cell phone cameras have unleashed a new wave of citizen photographers. Are you one of them? Has taking photos changed how you see the world?

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4 Responses to “Chicago strolls (part 1)”

  1. Funny you should ask about cell phone cameras . . . I just made a post about one.

    Also, I love the branches reflected in all of the windows. And my favorite shot is the red garage with the grey and green building behind it.

  2. I think cell phone cameras as well as tiny digital cameras have democratized photography a bit and make it less intimidating to do something creative.

    I have found it is fun but pictures accumulate quickly and without an organizational system or archive (like Flickr) things still get lost.

  3. I’m also tickled by your question! Since getting my iPhone in December, I’ve found myself taking periodic shots of Winnemac Park as I walk home from the El, marking the changes through the season.

  4. Yess, love my phone camera! :) These photos are fantastic!