Trends: Stags, skulls and taxidermy

Despite the fact that stags, skulls and taxidermy often hang on walls, the hot home design trend has legs. Just flip through nearly any shelter publication on the newsstands, and you’re more than likely to spot some antlers. As evidenced by the latest issue of Field & Stream Magazine, even the manly, outdoorsy types have embraced the look we design-o-philes bravely pioneered. Also check out the cover of this recent Monsieur (above), which I found to be so hilarious that I bought a copy despite the fact that the text was written in French.

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Field & Stream’s rad cover

What do you think about taxidermy and skulls in decor? They never seem to go away, do they? It’s our perception of them that changes. They’ve been rustic, retro and edgy, and now they somehow appeal to hipsters, movie stars and high-class decorators. Restoration Hardware even gave them their own category – Animal Motifs. Do you dig ’em? If not, on what grounds do you oppose? Ethical or aesthetic? If ethical, are you opposed to faux doe?

Moose Antlers in Cast Resin (a Restoration Hardware Animal Motif)

Z Gallerie Ram Head

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6 Responses to “Trends: Stags, skulls and taxidermy”

  1. I’m going to give away my age here, but back in very late 60’s when I was a young child, we stayed at my aunt’s house. My cousins were in Vietnam and so we stayed in their room. The room was wallpapered in red flocked (yes red flocked)wallpaper with a crest design. In that room were probably 15 different birds and animals that they had hunted and stuffed. Owls, pheasants, wild pig, etc. All those beady eyes staring at you at night in that red room were too creepy. Trend or not, I don’t want wallpaper and I don’t want taxidermy in my own home. I don’t mind if others use them though. Just don’t make me sleep in that room. LOL

  2. spot on tate!

    just returning from the ny gift show and yes this theme was EVERYWHERE. it is a classic look dating back centuries.
    take a peek at my blogs (5th and state)last post and see the clear and cloudy acrylic horns..killer!
    personally, i am conflicted about once live animals used as decor; elephant feet stools for example are very offensive. but i am apparently selective as i have some taxidermy in the shop but never at home. hmmmm….i must be really screwed up!
    great post

  3. I like the really old taxidermy personally. I came across some interesting items from the 1920’s at a flea market last summer. I thought about getting it (small birds w/cool tags still attached) but resisted. It’s a cool look in the right home. Wait….I did buy a stuff baby alligator and I LOVE IT. It sits in my living room reminding me that there is life outside of the tundra.

  4. so, so tired! make this trend stop!

  5. My feelings about taxidermy are kind of complicated too Debra, so I don’t think you sound screwed up at all. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pearl! That room sounds very cool. Do you have any photos you can share?