Store Profile: Trilogy Antiques & Design

Some people with synesthesia see letters and numbers as having distinct colors. Others hear music when they eat. Susan Boyle sounds just like buttered popcorn! Maybe I’m a synesthete. When I’m surrounded by the perfect arrangement of  patinated “notes” in one my favorite vintage shops, I “see” a kind of song and my heart races in the same way it does during a swelling chorus. Working 9 to 5. What a way to make a living! That’s how I always felt at Brandon Nelson’s first Three Oaks shop, Ipso Facto Antiques, and it’s how I felt the first time I experienced his new endeavor, Trilogy Antiques & Design, which is basically an improvisational jam session with a talented group that includes interior designer, Laura Soskin and artist / craftsman, Bruce Hawkins. Brandon’s also a member of Squirm Orchestra, an experimental jazz band, so it makes sense that his showrooms would have such a satisfyingly hypnotic, although slightly off, beat.* Visit soon.

Trilogy Antiques & Design. 19 S. Elm Street, Three Oaks, MI. 269-756-3300.

* Brandon Nelson is also an amazing artist who attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Click here for photos of his recent exhibition.

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4 Responses to “Store Profile: Trilogy Antiques & Design”

  1. What am amazing collection, and a great eye for display. I see a road trip in my future.

  2. decorator dave 07. Feb, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Ironically, i was just there this weekend perusing the store a bit. Holy moly, what an amazing place. Of course, anything that Ms. Soskin pulls out of her bag of tricks gets my heart racing. I am of the opinion that Mariano from Agent Gallery and I would be a good addition to the roster of fine folks that are on display in the space….I am always desperate to find alterantive ways to keep the piles of ‘stuff’ that accumulate in my life at a minimum.

  3. Hi, what a great place. Particularly lovely was the tall lamp made from the globes. Being totally unfamiliar with the local geography, where is Three Oaks relative to your location?