Rejuvenation Classic American Lighting & House Parts

It’s been a long time since I ordered anything from Rejuvenation, but the Portland-based “classic American lighting & house parts” company was a lifesaver when I replaced the painted-over hinges throughout my apartment several years ago. The spring catalog arrived the other day, and the ‘Hood’ chandelier pictured on the cover made my pulse quicken, which is confusing, because I’ve been in mod mode for awhile, and the Hood chandelier is definitely a throwback to times gone by – especially as shown on the cover in oil-rubbed bronze. The thing is, the fixture also looks amazing in polished nickel (screen shot from’s helpful visualization tool below). I’ve been looking for something interesting to replace the old crystal chandelier in the front hallway, and I think this might be it. What do you think? Do you read Rejuvenation?

The Hood in polished nickel. Price as shown $353 (which isn’t so bad for such a statement piece).

Here’s where I see the Hood chandelier, although truth be told, the oil-bronzed look is more appropriate for the space, which was built in 1913, than the polished nickel one would be. I think. Note the door hinges, which I bought at Rejuvenation and which really transformed the whole place. Small detail but definitely worth it. (I tried soaking the originals in laundry detergent, but they were too far gone).

I love these pendants too.

This page is gorgeous.

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5 Responses to “Rejuvenation Classic American Lighting & House Parts”

  1. This is a great piece. The oil rubbed bronze with your beautiful hinges would be perfect. In my next life, I am going to create lighting….love it.

  2. I like it better without the wire netting on it. Then it looks more classic.

  3. lighting, bring on the discussion about finding that great marriage between form and function.

    something simialr to the cute cobalt blue pendats above, how many is too many?

  4. I’ve ordered from Rejuvenation as well and this is a beautiful fixture. I like the oil rubbed bronze. Another selling point – Rejuvenation is 100% made in America.

  5. I love the Hood with the netting. It actually looks futuristic to me, rather than vintage. The 3 pendant lamps really look fab over a pool table, should you ever have enough space for one. The door hinges are awesome, the best reason why you should NEVER paint door hinges…