Cool cars and dog fever in California

Periodically I’ll lament the fact that I’ve never really had a dog. On the other hand, it’s a lot of responsibility. For a short period, I imagined adopting a Jack Russell Terrier and even took an online test to determine if I’m a good candidate to own such a high-energy pet. The first question was something like, Do you expect the dog to behave like Eddy from the Kelsey Grammer sitcom Frasier? Apparently, yes is the wrong answer, because the website generated an automatic response basically wishing me a good life and good luck in my dog search. In any event, I sort of wanted a decoupaged dog (above) that I spotted at Therapy on Valencia Avenue in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. Could I make one myself? Where would I find a dog mold? Might be fun to try (although looks can be deceiving).What do you think folks? Am I experiencing another case of dog fever? Keep scrolling down for more photos of Valencia Street, which has a number of home design and antique shops that vintage aficionados might enjoy.

This is why I included cool cars in the post title.

I don’t normally get excited about cars, but this is pretty cool.

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6 Responses to “Cool cars and dog fever in California”

  1. I enjoyed this post! What an amalgam. It was the nice walk I needed to take while snowed-in in LR, AR. The Tradesman window photo was nice and disorienting. happy winter! L

  2. Yes. You can make one of those decoupage dogs. You aren’t having dog fever, you are re-experiencing desk fever.

    Did you have a hard time not buying that red phone?

    I also loved those drawings of famous dead people.

  3. Very artistic. I like the newspaper kissing dog and the pictures in the wall. AND Get a dog :)

  4. OMG!!! I want to buy one of those dogs. How much were they? I think it’s brilliant. If you find a mold let me know.

  5. Looks like you’re having a fine time there. Note to Janis: How do you know Tate DIDN’T buy the red phone? You know how much he loves vintage phones…

  6. Carol, I didn’t buy the red phone, although you’re both right that I was tempted.