Design and the age of Ophiuchus (the new astrological sign)

Over the last couple of years, I’ve assembled quite a collection of snake prints, including a vintage German educational chart from the 60’s that hangs in the bedroom and a gorgeous antique print I stumbled across at Scout. I thought it was just a personal quirk, but lately I’ve been noticing more snake imagery in popular culture (see below), most recently a limited edition poster signed by artist Yann Legendre depicting a trippy, Medusa-like woman (above), which I saw at the CB2 at North and Clybourn. (Do you like the print?). I thought about writing a post about seeing all these snakes. Snakes: Is sssssomething in the air? But believe it or not, I thought it seemed a little too new age-y. But then I read that the Moon’s slight gravitational pull on Earth coupled with changes in the Earth’s magnetic field have shifted the dates of the existing astrological signs and created a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. (Check the details for yourself). As my favorite cooking host Ina Garten might say, “What could be more new age-y than that?” Actually, this “new information” has all been known since, like, two years after they first formulated the whole concept 3000 years ago, so it’s much ado about nothing. I don’t even believe in astrology. Having said that, it’s funny that Ophiuchus’s symbol is a man wrestling a snake. Nov. 29 – Dec. 17. It’d be really cool if that were my sign, but alas, it’s not. Is it yours? If so, how do you feel about it? How about snakes? They’re cool, no? More importantly to all you astrology buffs, what does this portend for the world?

I may not be who I thought I was; and I may not be an Ophiuchus (above); but by God, I’m going to be the best Virgo I can be!

I bought this print at Scout. Isn’t the frame perfect?

I bought this print at Ipso Facto in Three Oaks, Michigan.

I bought this a few weeks ago on Ebay, because I thought it was cool. Just think, somebody born on its cover date, March 1st, always thought they were a Pisces, but they’re actually an Aquarius. The old me tended to befriend Aquarians, but does the new me still like the old Aquarians or does the new me like the new Aquarians, or another sign altogether?

Recent New Yorker cartoon.

One of the first things I saw after landing in Honolulu a few weeks ago.

I’m not the only one with appreciate snakes. Remember Neil’s Open House? (above and below)

Mark and Jeri’s house is as eclectic and cool as they are. Naturally, I love their front foyer. Click here to see the whole place, including the intriguing hand written note from Katherine Hepburn, which Jeri framed and hung in the second floor hallway. What did it say?

Beth Robinson-Juhas is a huge influence on me, and I have no doubt it’s where my snake obsession started:

Paxton Gate in San Francisco.

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3 Responses to “Design and the age of Ophiuchus (the new astrological sign)”

  1. Hm. I didn’t realize that I’m apparently an Ophiuchus. Although I read somewhere that no one’s signs have actually changed, that this only applies to Eastern horoscopes, which are based on a different zodiac.

    Anyway, enough nonsense. I’m kind of fond of snakes. I especially like that statue of Neil’s of them on a leaf.

  2. I am sorry to say that this entry made me very uncomfortable. The snakes make my heart race…not in a good way!
    Then I was very upset to find out that I am no longer a Libra. Well, You might take the girl out of the Libra but you can’t take the Libra out of the girl! I refuse to change!

  3. Hi, all, apparently I am also an Ophiuchus, as my birthday (Nov 29) falls on the first date of this sign. I’ve never been that great with a bow and arrow anyway, although I do love horses and centaurs. Do you know the answers to the city puzzles? I’ll be the first to admit I don’t.