Birds and decor

To woo a mate, male bower birds decorates their nests with all manner of objects, including vibrant berries and flowers. Interested females will visit many competing nests, often returning for a second look by comparison. It appears that bower birds even use the rules of perspective to arrange objects in order to emphasize or deemphasize certain attributes of their nest. Humans hire architects and designers for that kind of thing, but nobody (yet) is suggesting that birds outsource the task. And now it appears that some birds use nest design for purposes other than mating.  Wired Science recently reported that the strongest, most aggressive kites used more plastic in their nests than weaker kites while younger and older kites used the least.

Humans decorate for many reasons too. For status, to create a refuge, to create art, and I’m sure in at least some cases, to attract a mate. Perhaps that’s why birds have been such a hot trend in the design world since I started paying attention a few years ago. (For all I know, birds have always been a hot design trend). What is about those birds that makes them so irresistible? At this point, my perch might have too much bird merch (see below), but what do you think? When it comes to bird decor, how much is too much? Regarding evidence that birds actually decorate their nests, tweet, tweet, tweet? *

Please enjoy this musical selection while you peruse this post’s photos, amusing captions and captivating reader comments:

Image (top): Discovery News

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* WTF?

Even I was surprised by this one. Good job birds.


Jayson Home + Garden

Jayson Home + Garden

Jayson Home + Garden



Pottery Barn

John-Paul Philippé framed bird sketch at West Elm.

Design Within Reach

I bought this bad boy at Jayson Home + Garden a couple years ago.

Ducks count.

The den.

Ditto the den. It’s a robin.

Of course, here’s Batman. Fighting a bird. Again. This is a vintage trading card – classic ephemera. Adam West is very big right now.

No birds post is complete without a reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film. Although I have framed a number of Alfred Hitchcock movie posters over the years, I have never framed a “The Birds” one. But frame one I may.

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5 Responses to “Birds and decor”

  1. I decorate with birds seasonally, so when I put together my balcony container garden I have a collection of birds (mostly chickens and lots of metal black birds) and intersperse them amongst the plants. I have started buying small birds that I can tuck into my succulents so that it looks like they just alit there for a moment before heading somewhere else. It is a little whimsy that I enjoy. This year I moved part of the metal bird collection inside for the winter–I put all of the metal roosters together on the lower shelf of my nighstand, as I felt a grouping of cocks in my bedroom would be kind of fun. :-)

  2. How can you not include this?

  3. Sandra M Adams 24. Jan, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Strange Closets is for the birds! And I love it! Always a very bright moment in my day, when I click on your latest offering! The musical accompaniment by the Byrds is so groovy! Sincere best wishes for a wonderfully atmospheric 2011.

  4. I’ve been coveting that Eames House Bird for some time now. What is it about that darn bird: the simplicity? the color? the material?

  5. tanquerochicago 13. Feb, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Birds never seem to go out of fashion…never. Can’t wait to seem them this Spring. It almost feels like it’s around the corner.