Studio Tour: New Breed Furniture Network

“It’s a soulful experience to make stuff,” says John Lindsay, who co-owns New Breed Furniture Network with his business partner and mentor Alessandro Paradiso, a professor at Illinois Institute of Technology. “You bond with it.” John and Alessandro design and handcraft furniture using ancient Japanese tools and building techniques that were discarded after World War II in favor of western models of building, which often sacrifice speed and efficiency for quality. Japanese builders who first adopted the new and improved western techniques were called the new breed, so John and Alessandro turned the concept on its head by co-opting the term as their company name. They also believe that both designing and handcrafting their work is the only way to ensure the quality they expect. “Doing all the work brings more purity,” says John, who cites Frank Lloyd Wright as an influence and started his career reproducing Mission furniture. John and Alessandro use solid wood (painted pine, quarter sawn oak or walnut) with the joints and inner workings exposed. “There are no separation of pieces,” John explains. “The top can’t be separated from the base. It’s an organic form.” Scout owner Larry Vodak introduced me to New Breed’s work earlier this year. Larry rarely carries new pieces, but he  made an exception for one of their gorgeous black dining tables. Earlier this year, Angela Finney-Hoffman, who’s also a vintage enthusiast, began carrying New Breed’s in her Grand Avenue sensation Post 27. It’s not all that surprising that patina peddlers like Larry and Angela also appreciate New Breed’s high-quality and artistic design. What’s old is new again, after all, or vice versa as the case may be.

For more information, please visit New Breed Furniture Network’s website and Facebook page.

Left to right: John Lindsay and Alessandro Paradiso in their Skokie studio.

Now available at Post 27.

New Breed uses a “deca-inch” or hybrid system between metric and standard. A deca inch is 1.25 inches, so there are 8 of them in a deca foot.

Coming soon to Post 27.

John designed and built the furniture for a writer’s club in Uptown. Scout owner Larry Vodak bought the pieces when the club closed.

One of New Breed’s tables at Scout earlier this year.

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5 Responses to “Studio Tour: New Breed Furniture Network”

  1. Thanks. I love studio tours.

  2. Great post. It is wonderful to see these artists continue to honor traditional techniques. Like one of my mentor’s always said “quality never goes out of style”

    Thank you.

  3. I love these pieces.

  4. Hi, thanks for the visit to New Breed Furniture. These pieces are fabulous! Do they ship to Canada?

  5. New Breed has a special place in it’s heart for all things Canadian, like it’s universal health care system. Sure, If you want furniture, Canada, here we come!