Open House: Arthur and Wyatt’s rather long apartment

My friends Arthur Swirgon and Wyatt literally live above the store. Their three story West Garfield Park building already had a large ground floor retail space in addition to the upstairs residential apartments when they bought it a few years ago, so Arthur, a dealer of mid-century modern, antiques and African American art, decided to supplement his Internet business with a by-appointment showroom. Arthur’s not sure exactly how long the east-facing building is, but it takes up most of the 125 ft. lot., and it’s long enough for two apartments back to back, one on the east side of the building and one on the west side with a long hotel-like hallway running alongside them for access. Eventually they plan to gut and reconfigure space, but for now, they simply roughed a doorway into the wall dividing the bedroom of the east unit and the kitchen of the west unit.

The exterior hallway runs from front to rear. They will incorporate the space when they eventually gut renovate the entire floor.

Arthur’s mid-century furnishings, and the late nineteenth century building’s aged plaster walls and exposed pipes make it feel like an apartment from a bygone era. Attending one of Arthur and Wyatt’s dinner parties feels a little like being in a Robert Altman film like Gosford Park. I can picture the long tracking shot slowly revealing each room’s partygoers, the murmurs varying slightly as the camera glides smoothly from space to space and then, if they had hired help, to the catering staff rolling silverware and making fun of the guests in the long service hallway. As you may have gathered, I like the place a lot as is, but they see a more modern future, and I’m sure it’s going to look amazing when it’s finished. Stayed tuned to Strange Closets for this ongoing story. For more photos of Arthur and Wyatt’s place, check out their first Open House. Click here for Arthur Swirgon’s website. Thanks guys!

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When they broke through the wall diving the two units, what had been their bedroom became a main thoroughfare, so they moved the bed into one of the rooms in the now connected back apartment. Now they use their former bedroom as a dining room.

The living room in the front apartment decorated for Christmas.

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4 Responses to “Open House: Arthur and Wyatt’s rather long apartment”

  1. I like this space and it’s furnishings. It reminds me of a house I have when I’m dreaming, and I wander through rooms, not knowing what I’m going to find. It’s cool.

  2. It will be interesting to watch the transformation as the guys renovate this space. Don’t throw away that great bead board the the hallway, though!

  3. Wow!! beautiful colors. wondeful place. I love it

  4. Truly an place to envy! Great space and great things IN the space!