Contest: Win a stack of design books from Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books

Thanks to Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books for sending me a copy of their new title, Farrow & Ball Living With Colour by Ros Byam Shaw. I first thumbed through the book a few weeks ago at Jayson Home & Garden and was impressed with the sophisticated color palettes and gorgeous photography. But the only thing better than reading design books is using piles of them in decorative vignettes around the house (what can I say? I’m an intellectual), so the publisher has offered to give one lucky Strange Closets reader not only Farrow & Ball Living With Colour but also a stack of four other titles!

The Prize

Farrow & Ball Living With Colour by Ros Byam Shaw

Casual Living by Judith Wilson

Romantic Style by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman

William Yeoward At Home by William Yeoward

The French-Inspired Home by Carolyn Westbrook

Rules Leave a comment explaining why you want the books.

Deadline Friday, December 17th at 11:59 pm

The winner will be announced the following week. Good luck! Thanks Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books.

Farrow & Ball Living With Color

Farrow & Ball Living With Color. This room reminds me of Marco Polo‘s showroom. I could move in without changing a thing!

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43 Responses to “Contest: Win a stack of design books from Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books”

  1. I’d love to have them because they’d help me incredibly in my interior design business, as well as furthering my knowlege of my field. I’m always on the look out for design books that offer a different perspective or voice, or a period or designer’s vision in depth. It’s hard to find good design books at affordable prices, so my collection isn’t what I’d like it to be.

    I could start using these books right away.

  2. Hi

    I need to win because I don’t have a stack of cool coffee table books that are part of the decor of my home.

  3. [Waving hand wildly!!! PICK ME!] What else am I going to do this freezing cold winter than hibernate at home? I need a good stack of books to pass the time and get inspired by.

  4. I want them because my heart started beating harder and harder as I scrolled down and saw each new book cover. I love books and I love decorating. But some other entries might deserve them more than I do, I can already tell. This is a great prize, Strange Closets.

  5. Oh please pick me!!! I am a Social Worker with one and only one way of relaxing…pouring through interior design articles, magazines, blogs, and books! I need these books. My sanity depends upon it. The Farrow & Ball books look particularly dreamy…

  6. well, i am a freak, a freak for design. inspiration, as i can see from this wonderful collection, is constantly sought for my life; my shops, clients and for my blog. design inspiration is all around us if we are open to it, however nothing compares to a book, to handle, dream over and refer back to. the gift of unending creativity.

  7. I need them for inspirational daydreaming, and maybe a little motivation to renovate my home with equal serenity, now if I just had the budget…

  8. If I win this fabulous stack of design books, I will add them to the collection at the public library where I work as a Librarian. Adding them would enhance the library’s small design collection in a time when the acquisitions budget is shrinking due to budget cuts and it would make the books accessible to all library users. I can picture the lovely library book display now…

  9. I would add these fabulous books to my personal design / resource library. As an Interior Designer the best thing I can do for my clients and for my professional growth is the in aquiring new inspirational and resource materials. Books like these help give a designer a broader range of design styles, access to expert advice and information and a vast well from which one can always go to when in the midsts of design problems.

  10. I would like the books because anybody whose bedroom is creamsicle orange and Jackie Kennedy pink should have a copy of Living with Color. =-)

  11. I currently do not own any designer books but, would love this to be my first time by slipping into a designers world and the gift of art to view each day… Wow that is truly kind gesture thank you for this contest and good luck to the fortunate winner.

  12. Oh, I so need these books. I (ok, my husband, Steve) is thisclose to starting to paint all the drywall and I think I might just hate the colors we picked out 2 years ago and need to choose new ones- the Farrow & Ball book looks like it has some fresh ideas for bold colors.

    Since this remodel has me at my wits end, I could use Casual Living because Judith Wilson sounds like she’s on a mission to help create calm casual interiors and I could use some advice.

    Romantic Style? Helloooo – who couldn’t use some suggestions from the pros on how to put the bow-chicka-bow-bow back into your home (although it would be a most tasteful bow-chicka-bow-bow).

    The William Yeoward book sounds like it has some great entertaining ideas – something I plan to to frequently once the grand remodel is finished. I’m a bit rusty in this arena so I can use all the help I can get.

    Lastly, who doesn’t have a little bit of Francophile in them? Carolyn Westbrook’s book looks like it can show me some ways to put some Petit Trianon into my own home without going over the top.

  13. give them to the library girl. then everyone else can check them out and everyone wins. I have spoken.

  14. I want my crappy space upgraded to be able to showed off on magazine covers… :) Thanks, I love those books….

  15. I should win them because I would love them, care for them, cherish them for ever. Also, their self esteem would be even more elevated when they join the others in my humble collection. Lastly, they would bring joy, not only to me, but to others as well, once they influence my eye.

  16. Since I am in the process of having bookcases built, these would be a lovely addition.

  17. Oh! Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Me! Working in a design store, I have to learn all I can–and fast! I need to pass these design ideas on to those I meet in the shop. I also think they would change my life–and my life needs changing! The Romance! The Touch of France! The Sophistication! The Style! Have I used enough exclamation points yet to make my point? Think of the entertaining possibilities! (And you’d be invited…)

  18. I am a dreamer. These books would be the answer to a dream and a source for new dreams.

  19. My house desperately needs some new look, so any sources of how to redesign it will be more than welcome. We’re also planning to have some bookshelves in one room and winning a stack of books would be a great motivation to speed up with the work.

  20. oooooooooooo, me, please. :-) Please feed my addiction to design and decorating. I’m totally jonesing for a new fix. And, yesterday was my 50th birthday so they would make the PERFECT gift.

  21. I would like them because books look great on a bench or coffee table. They are a necessary home accessory!

  22. I have multiple personalities when it comes to design. I really need to win the lottery so I can have my Mid-Century Modern wonder, my Victorian Wedding Cake house, my Craftsman bungalow, you get the picture. These books would be the next best thing, because I could make all my design personalities so happy!!!

  23. Currently I have 74 books checked out from the public library. They are all kid titles, except for a few cookbooks. We love to read and this mother would love to find time to peruse these books!

  24. The winter is in full, so its’ the right time for me to sit down in the armchair, dig into the books and find some inspiration. With these books I’m sure I’d find some ideas on how to give my house a new look.

  25. The books should go to my loving home and join other fantastic design books and be used in vignettes, as small tables, as artwork, decoration and be read and referenced over and over and over again! Furthermore, they will be cherished and inspiration will spring forth from their pages every time the books are opened.

  26. Let me cast the same vote as Laura F. I, too, think you should not give the books to me, but to Melanie the library girl. I won one of your great prizes last year and I use it every day. So it is someone else’s turn. . . Thanks for running the contest!

  27. I am moving in three days: from the cold Hudson Valley to the (almost) sunny, warm south of Chapel Hill, North Carolina! We are leaving a 100+ year old house for a 10 year old/new house. Such totally different environments with very different color needs! Farrow & Ball is my favorite paint company, so of course, I would love….that book. And, most of all, I am a design fanatic!

  28. why? because in my fairly vast library of design books, i don’t own ANY of these and i will use them for inspiration and actually implement these ideas in my home or my clients’ homes, thus making the world a more beautiful place …. one room at a time. now, wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?!?!

  29. I want them because, while I love design blogs, there’s something wonderful about the weight of a design book in your hand. Additionally, the Living With Color photo is quite sexy, and I like sexy.

  30. Judith Kramer 11. Dec, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    I’d love to win the stack of design books offered in the contest because I have a background in Interior Design and am currently a painter of a series of “Abstract/Contemporary Architectural Landscape Explorations.” I’m always aware of the colors and design in my paintings and how they relate, not only to me and what I’m trying to communicate, and not only frequent art collectors, but also the average homeowner and how the paintings may relate to their interiors. Recently, at an Open Studios event here in Tucson, a woman bought a painting that she had admired last time she was in my studio, and followed it up by a lovely email. She said, and I quote, “The painting is perfect in my living room. It looks as though you painted it just for my living room.” She invited me to come to her home to see how perfect it is in its new environment, and I’ll be going there next week to see it and to have a glass of wine with her and her partner. A few weeks ago, a Texas Engineer, who saw my paintings at the Tucson International Airport’s Lower Link Gallery, contacted me, asked me if he could visit my studio, and bought three paintings with the excitement of a child at Christmas. As he was leaving, he said the paintings would be perfect in his Dallas home and his office; and then told me that it was the first time he ever bought an original work of art. “No more posters for me,” he said. One was to go in his office, but he emailed me to tell me that when his wife saw them, she insisted that the colors and design were so perfect that all three of them belonged in their home. I want to keep learning as much as I can about one of my first loves: Design and color in Interiors, and incorporate this knowledge as much as I can in my paintings.

  31. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than flip through the pages of a glossy book of inspiring interiors.

  32. I would like to win these terrific books because I just signed paperwork to buy our first “grown up” house yesterday, and am moving from a 900 sq ft manhattan apartment and need great ideas! Happy holidays!

  33. To use as a reminder that its okay to change the colors of everyroom in your house and redecorate as time passes..any ole time you want..oh and to add to my other design book on stack, just trying to see if I can get to the ceiling.

  34. I would love to win these books….I am redoing an older home top to bottom and any and all inspiration is appreciated.
    thank you

  35. No contest — library girl wins! I say you end the contest early and just give them to her, so as to not tease the rest of us.

  36. Not being as creatively talented as others in the area of interior design and decorating I find books like these an inspiration. I often re-read them numerous times hoping to gain some inside knowledge as to how designs are put together.

  37. Pick me, Pick me!! I would get miles and miles out of those books. Sharing professional quality photos of unique, sexy interiors with my clients helps them get their heads around a design idea and decide to take the plunge. Those books would never rest idly on the coffee table or make it to a spot on the shelf. They would be put to work immediately!

  38. HELP! I am hopelessly mired in cold mid-century modern mode; in varying shades of white and black with bold splashes of beige or grey. I only know two themes for entertaining: casual pizza & beer nights or formal bucket-o-chicken soirees with the accompanying box of wine. Both poshed-up with the help of Ikea’s paper napkin selection.

    Alas, I am yearning to fill my pristine, yet sparse, shelves with actual books that will enlighten and transport me into the colorful and textural twenty-first century.

    My environment has the bones, but lacks the soul of the elegant lifestyles presented in these beautiful tomes. HELP!

  39. I love my home, but it needs work. I have a limited budget, no design experience and a tin eye…can’t see if a blue has a gray tint or a green one…so I need expert models to jazz my imagination.

  40. As a librarian I naturally love books. Ironically my days in the library are spent on budgets, ordering books for others to read, and breaking up amorous teens. Typical public library stuff.

    But I have experience in design and interior design so there is that double need to nurture the need for fine design books. Love of good design and interiors is an addiction that must be feed with new ideas and fresh vision.

    Additionally, I moved to Oak Park this summer to a great, old apartment. I now have new space to design and arrange. These inspirations will be helpful as I evolve my new habitat. Plus the cats will love rubbing up against them.