Bolt of inspiration or subconscious thievery?

The completed den doesn’t look exactly how I’d imagined in the months leading up to the big makeover, but several elements come pretty close, including the infamous steel tanker desk I refinished last summer and the Red Cross flag I bought and framed before the room’s new brownish-gray paint color (Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain) had dried. Sure, I realized that at some point in the history of mankind, somebody must have struck upon the idea of framing a Red Cross flag once or twice before. In fact, I’ll bet nearly every kind of thing has been framed at least thrice. But I couldn’t recall ever seeing one for myself, so I suspected that the enduring vision was a case of divine inspiration. Mistakenly, as it turns out. Last week, I was looking through old photos and was surprised to see a piece of art depicting a Red Cross in an image I captured at Scout last year.

Although the Red Cross itself is smaller than the one on my flag, its size and scale when framed is similar enough to justify an indictment. And I found many more examples of this inspiration / subconscious copying / thievery. Please continue after taking in the accompanying photo.

This photo is dedicated to Josh, who says he likes the turquoise door.

That it would be mine seemed pre-destined when I first spotted the sublime silver bust at Architecturally Anarchy last spring, and indeed, it now sits on the floor of the den (pictured above). But my world turned upside down when I realized that I’d actually taken a photo of that very same bust months earlier at Architectural Anarchy co-owner William Rawski’s massive south side prop house, Zaps Props (below).

It gets even more mind boggling. Perhaps one of the reasons I was inspired to take a photo of those beautiful, smooth silver busts at Zaps is that I had already spotted one of then (or at least a duplicate) at past Open House stars Sean and Eric’s gorgeous Edgewater apartment.

Each exposure primed the pump until by the time I finally found one, I had very little choice in the matter (I’m pursuing a bailout). It’s the quirky, subculture version of that scene about the fashion industry and the blue sweater from The Devil Wears Prada. As fascinating as this post must be for you, I’ll refrain from citing further personal examples at this time, but inquiring minds would like to know: have you ever been guilty of subconscious thievery, i.e. bolt of inspirations?

Now I want this one for the floor next to my desk chair. Anybody know where I can find one?

I already checked, and it does have an Adam's Apple.

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2 Responses to “Bolt of inspiration or subconscious thievery?”

  1. Wherever its coming from….the cosmos, your warped mind, nuggets taken from other people, keep it going. Your eye is fresh!

  2. Several years ago, I had a bolt of inspiration to place copper window screening on my dining room walls. Can you imagine the shimmer, the color changes, the texture? I plotted, measured and searched for copper screening. No one sells it anymore. In the midst of my daydreaming about my “Oh, my gosh!” walls, I walked in to Francesca’s North restaurant in Northbrook…undulating across the ceiling were yards and yards of copper window screening!! I was horrified that someone had come into my brain and stolen MY idea!! I could not bring myself to complete the plan for my dining room after seeing that. I had never been in that restaurant before spying the shimmering ceiling…but had I seen copper screening somewhere else?? As you say “Bolt of inspiration or subconscious thievery?” The question remains.