Todd Palmer’s public art exhibit at Chicago’s new District 23 police hq (Plus: station tour)

Padded cells aren’t as cushiony as I’d imagined, so I don’t recommend lobbing your body against the rather rigid walls if you become agitated while confined in such a space. Fortunately, I was only in the tank for a few seconds during a public tour of the brand new 44,000 sq. ft. District 23 police headquarters at 850 W. Addison last weekend. It was a terrific way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The cells are a bit austere for my taste, but they’re not much severer than some of the spaces featured in the most aspirational shelter magazines. Not to be missed is public art by Todd Palmer, a Chicago-based curatorial design and museum planning consultant who created two installations for the new station: C_I_T_Y_P_O_E_M_, a colorful tangle of steel bars secured to the facade of the Addison Street parking structure but which appears to be floating magically, and CODESWITCH, a wall mural representing the vast percentage of DNA all humans share, which complements the bright two-level atrium to send a welcoming, inclusive message to the Lakeview community. Congratulations to the District 23 police force on their excellent new digs.

Todd Palmer is a founding partner at Program Collective.

Todd Palmer’s C_I_T_Y_P_O_E_M_

The atrium lobby.

This cell felt larger than my tiny room at The Jane in New York last summer. I’m glad you asked. Click here to read all about it.

Dinner is served.

Sure, the jail cells are small, but their tiny footprint and innovative open concept toilet make them simultaneously eco-friendly and avant garde – a rare fusion.

Spa guests have access to a  wide variety of treatments, including our luxury sensory deprivation chamber. Swaddled in our specially designed security jacket (complementary) and surrounded on all sides by padding, guests meditate in a blissful white light. Many describe the experience as womb-like, so prepare to be cooing by the end of your stay. Premier

This one’s for you JW!

Seeing the lineup room from the policeman’s point-of-view was totally surreal! If you like this photo, you’ll love The Found‘s line of mugshot greeting cards and stationary. Click here for info.

Group holding is the worst!

The sally port.

I pictured it more noir. .

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3 Responses to “Todd Palmer’s public art exhibit at Chicago’s new District 23 police hq (Plus: station tour)”

  1. Not connecting with the hand images in the mural, but like what it does for the building facade. Maybe it can help to alleviate the panicky feeling I get when driving past a police station. Great subject for a tour.

  2. I guess the padded cell is very hose- offable, but it doesn’t look very inviting. I’m glad the officers have a new modern facility in which to work, but it doesn’t look very comfortable for those of us who might be unjustly housed there for offenses we didn’t commit.