The KILZ My Favorite Color contest winner is . . .

Thanks to those who entered the My Favorite Color contest sponsored by KILZ. Choosing what color to paint a room based on a tiny chip isn’t easy (at least not for me). When I was a young and misguided 25, I repainted the dining room in my Hermitage Ave. apartment five times in a single weekend (two greens, two reds and ultimately a bright yellow), and I rely on recommendations to help avoid a repeat of the hellish 72 hour period. When I’m in a room that looks or feels especially good, I’m not shy about asking for the paint chip, which I plug into Google Images to find photos of rooms actually painted that color. That’s how I ultimately chose Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain for my recently completed den.

Without further adieu, congratulations to Janice for her entry: Farrow and Ball Drab. “Much more lucious than its name implies,” says Janice, who will win a $100 Home Depot gift card and a can of KILZ. Click here for all the entries (scroll down to the comments section). Thanks to KILZ for sponsoring this contest!

My dining room on Hermitage Avenue mid-weekend. I call this photo Desperation.

The dining room after it was all said and done. (Judge not the youth for they know little of the world).

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