Walking around downtown Chicago on an especially warm October afternoon

Monday afternoon was an exceptionally warm October afternoon, so I was happy to have errands to run downtown. The loop was eerily quiet as it was warm, so I’m guessing many opted to take a vacation day to enjoy one of the last nearly 80 degree days before it snows. Isn’t Chicago gorgeous?

The architecturally significant Marina City towers, which were designed to resemble corncobs. Note the interesting open parking garage on the bottom floors.

Characterized by its diamond shaped top, the Smurfit-Stone building is perhaps most famous for its appearance in the 80’s film Adventures in Babysitting starring the underrated Elisabeth Shue (whose character was a very bad babysitter indeed). I worked in the building for six years in the aughts.

They saved this facade and used it on a new condo tower at Randolph and Wabash. Some have criticized this technique as inauthentic, but I’d hate to see the beautiful old stonework wind up in landfills or private collections.

The Trump building replaced the boxy, short Sun Times building.  I’m a bit obsessed with the new tower’s reflective outer skin and slim profile. The needle-like building was constructed on a tiny footprint and was built with innovative new techniques in concrete.

Tribune HQ. Home of our very own Chicago Home + Garden.

This stairway leads from Michigan Avenue to the subterranean transit routes. The famed Billy Goat Tavern is right across the street.

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5 Responses to “Walking around downtown Chicago on an especially warm October afternoon”

  1. My great uncle built the Metropolitan Tower, known then as The Straus Building. I don’t live in Chicago and don’t really know the building, but am happy to be linked in some way to Chicago architecture.

    My fave shot of yours is the painted building Chic Thea Entra. Very cool.

  2. Nice pictures! I walk by these building every day (I work across the street from TribTower) and yet never get pictures quite like these.

  3. Awesome pictures, definitely have to go with your last picture of the Michigan Avenue stairwell. The lighting really makes it a stunning picture.

  4. Carol the Intrepid Traveller 08. Nov, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    What is most beautiful about Chicago does not seem to have changed since Labour Day Weekend of 1982, my first and so far only visit to your fair city. Thanks so much for the pic of the Tribune building, my favourite in Chicago. It is a shrine for Art Deco architecture junkies (such as myself) worldwide. Glad you got the chance to enjoy it during autumn’s last gasp.

  5. The Chic[ago] Thea[ter] Entra[nce] composition is superb.