The Chesterfield sofa at Smythson Yeats

After finally putting my newly stripped and shined tanker desk back together and stumbling upon the perfect little sofa at Broadway Antique Market, my den is nearly complete. Successfully refinishing the desk even inspired a couple additional DIY projects, and I’m pretty happy with everything. When I finally dot my i’s and cross my t’s, I’ll share the photos. However, if I hadn’t already found a sofa, I’d be sorely tempted to buy the dark green leather Chesterfield I spotted at Lincoln Square favorite Smythson Yeats yesterday. If I were a designer, I’d buy it for a client and charge them extra for the special slightly aged effect, because reupholstering this piece would be a crime. In fact, it’s a steal at $1700, and there are many more deals like that. While you’re in the neighborhood, also check out Praha, Old Sau’s and the newly open men’s store Isle of Mann.

Smythson Yeats. 3851 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. 773.244.6365

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7 Responses to “The Chesterfield sofa at Smythson Yeats”

  1. Hi, Tate! Glad you’re back with Strange Closets… yes, this is a gorgeous sofa, and the “aging” is quite becoming. Wish I had $1700, it would look fab in my mom’s living room.

  2. I like a good chesterfield, but green?

  3. This is gorgeous!!! If I didn’t already love my beloved leather sofa from the late, lamented Northern Furnishing – neutral red leather and comfy as a bed, bought for $900 – I’d consider this!!!

    I actually think the green works. Not normally a color that pulls me in but, in my flat with dark brown wood built-ins and window frames, it would be perfection.

  4. Okay, is it just me or does this sofa remind you of a bag of frozen peas?

  5. True, it’s a little bold, but I love the green leather. I think it’d look great with the right wall color.

  6. I think this is an awesome couch! I saw an arm chair, that exact style a few months ago in a walking by a thrift next to work… thought it was the coolest thing… then I saw a guy buy it as I continue to walk past… it was never meant to be.

  7. Classic style and brave color are a perfect match. This would look so luxe in a dark wood paneled room surrounded by books and lots of purebred dogs.Great find Tate!