Contest: The KILZ My Favorite Paint Color Contest (Win $100 Home Depot card and a can of KILZ)

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain is actually a very dark gray, but it reads like a blackish brown. Or maybe a brownish black. It has that burnished color of old leather. Like tobacco or diet cola beans. It’s emboldened by notes of red. It envelops you, the perfect color for a cozy den, but also great for a dramatic dining room. I’d pair it with an off-white sofa and jazz it up with bright pops of mustard, orange or red.  — Tate Gunnerson

That’s how I’d describe my new favorite paint color if I were ever in House Beautiful. Ordinarily I have a terrible time choosing paint colors, so when I decided to paint my new den, I slowed down and did the necessary prep work. When deciding which color to use, I plugged the paint chips into Google Images until I found one that looked good in many different rooms. Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain was a lot darker than I’d envisioned, but I decided to go for it. And rather than slopping it on the walls, I first spackled the walls and used a KILZ-brand primer. Great stuff. KILZ also makes primers formulated to eliminate particularly persistent odors. I just needed the basic stuff, but it helped to make the normally horrid painting experience into one that actually bordered on pleasant. To win your own can of KILZ and $100 Home Depot gift card, enter the My Favorite Paint Color contest sponsored by KILZ.


How to play: Leave a comment describing why you love your favorite paint color. What do you love about it? How does it make you feel? How did you discover it? Be sure to include the paint number, as I’m always on the lookout for winning hues.* Entries are due by midnight on October 31st. The winner will be announced the week of Monday, November 1st.

* winning hues sounds like a James Spader character.

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13 Responses to “Contest: The KILZ My Favorite Paint Color Contest (Win $100 Home Depot card and a can of KILZ)”

  1. I used Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain in my last two apartments! It is a great color, and seemed only fitting since the town I grew up in was Iron Mountain, MI. I love how in can look totally different depending on the lighting in the room.

  2. Sheila Edmond 12. Oct, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    My favorite color is named Bamboo Silk. I don’t know who makes it. I love it because it changes color through the day, going from a contemporary beige during the day, to a beautiful light sage green in the evening.

  3. Matt, that’s a great story. I love Iron Mountain more every time I walk into the den.

    It looks like you have a 50/50 chance to win, but I’m hoping others share their favorite colors as well.

  4. When I was young I used to visit my aunt in California over the summer. I would sleep there with lavender under my pillow and the cool breeze pushing through the open windows. The walls were painted with a hint of violet, nothing too saturated but just enough to ease you into deep sleep. Recently I inquired to my aunt about the brand and number of paint in her guest room and it turns out to be the G18 Purple Paradise KILZ. I am now sleeping better than ever in my own home in Chicago. Thankyou

  5. My favorite paint color is Behr Grape Leaves. The color envelopes the walls with a sense of calm, but is also reminiscent of an old-fashioned library or den. It is scholarly tranquil.

  6. I am so happy I get a chance to tell the world about my favorite color. I was painting a piece of furniture with Benjamine Moore Woodlawn Blue and the color excited me so much that I had to paint two rooms in my South Carolina condo. Woodlawn blue is sometimes soft aqua, sometimes grey and mostly delicious. It instantly calms you and envigorates at the same time. Just thinking about the color opens my lungs and makes me smile. It’s like Yoga in a can!!

  7. Hi I’m curious as to how you plugged the paint chips into different images on google. Thanks. And I love Farrow and Ball Drab – much more lucious than its name implies. My friend, Michael del Piero introduced me to is and it is now on our bedroom walls and I love it.

  8. choosing a paint color is a serious endeavor. i insist my rooms possess and evoke an emotion while exuding soul.
    the color that fulfills all the above for me is Ralph lauren ‘lichen boulder’ (RR76).

    scanning home depots color chips, i loose all sense of time, but finally this sumptuous color spoke to me. ‘lichen boulder’ would be a perfect fit for my den, enhancing the emotion of a cozy english countryside retreat. it’s a smokey gray with undertones of chocolate and very subtle greens. a perfect foil for old worn caramel leather chairs and minor accents of turquoise,faded mustard and hints of black.
    makes you want to come for a good chat and port doesn’t it?

  9. Juddith Kramer 27. Oct, 2010 at 12:59 am

    My favorite color is Behr’s Anonymous #780-5. It’s going to replace the red wall that I loved so much when I first moved to Tucson back in 2001. I may have my kitchen cabinets painted w/it as well. I first saw a similar grey in kitchens in some magazine, but I can’t remember which one; or I may have seen it in one of Tate’s Strange Closets’ features. I like it because it makes me happy, it’s very contemporary, and I’ve been painting all of my Abstract Architectural Landscape Exploration paintings in shades of gray, from the lightest to the darkest. The color Anonymous is a warm, dark grey, w/a touch of red in it. It’s dark but not too dark. Grays can drive you crazy if you let it, as there are warm greys and cool greys, light greys, medium greys and dark greys, and you really have to ask what colors are in it, wherever you plan on purchasing it. Now, that information is available because of computerized mixing of colors. Be sure to hold up the chips and look at them vertically and near a window to see the colors in natural light.

  10. My fave color is Benjamin Moore Stone, a dark taupe. When I bought my condo, the first room I tackled was the dining room. I knew I wanted something dark and dramatic that would be relieved by all of the white woodwork, and I knew I wanted taupe. I loved the idea of someone looking at the room and saying, “Is it gray, is it brown? I can’t tell!” I think I spent almost two hours looking at paint chips until I was satisfied that I had found it. It makes me happy to walk through that room; the color is rich but not overbearing, and it changes significantly throughout the day as the light changes: sometimes more brown, sometimes more gray, sometimes taking on a sort of eggplant tone. And like your Iron Mountain, it beautifully sets off my colorful artwork and off-white furniture.

  11. I know it’s too late for the contest, but I had to share. My favorite color (not sure who makes it) is Drumbeat Red. It is on my living room wall. I was drawn to it because it shares the name and hue of my favorite college lipstick. Loreal’s Drumbeat Red is the perfect red. I wore it every day throughout my 20’s and well into my 30’s. As I’ve aged and expanded my lipstick palette, but when I want feel like a young hot thing again –I reach for Drumbeat Red.