Broadway Antique Market (BAM!)

Living just a few blocks from Broadway Antique Market (BAM) can be dangerous. Here’s what caught my eye when I stopped by last Friday.

Broadway Antique Market. 6130 N. Broadway Ave., Chicago, IL. 773.743.5444

I regret disclosing that the sofa I love so much has a twin, because I have a feeling it’s going to get scooped up soon.

Amazing. One of a pair.

I’m so drawn to mustard, especially the good tangy stuff. I love this chair too.

Doesn’t this photo look a little like a 50’s advertisement?

Nice lines.

I actually think this table and chairs is kind of hideous, but context is everything, and I don’t like the rug any better. But I’d like to be proven wrong, and as evidenced by the fact that I took several photos, the set is visually interesting on some level. What do you think?

I’m so into trophies now. I’m sure I’m compensating for the fact I wasn’t a sports guy in high school. I do have a yearbook staff pin.

I think this is Scout owner Larry Vodak’s booth, and I’m not surprised, because this amazing coffee table is the type of unusual, masculine piece he specializes in.

I don’t even know how I feel about upholstered arms, but I have a feeling that as a trend at least, they’ll be everywhere any day now.

A classic piece.

Should I even be trying to resist this? Why do I like this kind of thing so much? It’s perplexing.

I love this piece. It would be perfect to replace the small crystal chandelier in my entry hall. This is more my speed (although I’d prefer chrome or nickel).

But of course.

Wouldn’t it be funny to have an average apartment with a waiting room? Guests could sit there and read Prevention Magazine while I shower and change.

Handsome, very handsome.

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6 Responses to “Broadway Antique Market (BAM!)”

  1. hey tate

    if you really like that “chandelier” it can be saved. i am typing with sticky fingers after buying a similar piece and sprayed with silver metal paint. there’s also bronze, old copper, etc. found at home depot. with round clear filament bulbs……….wait, i should run over there!

  2. I saw those two fully upholstered chairs a few weeks ago and have been thinking of them ever since, I just may have to go buy them now. I thought they would look great reupholstered in a natural linen or on the complete opposite side of the spectrum a vintage ikat fabric. I do need some pattern in my apartment hmmm

  3. Rag & Bone Man 28. Oct, 2010 at 11:18 am

    if you want to plate that sputnik light fixture, peter and the guys at precision finishing are incredible to work with, and very good and very reasonably priced. much better than the spray painted look, too!,+IL&cid=10714004950430911693

  4. i came across your blog a few months ago and i’m addicted. it’s always so innovative and i love the updates on where to find the goods. i also am an avid shopper at the broadway antique market! all your pictures are making me want to shop right now! i swear my mouth waters for all that fun, funky stuff! if you like found object, repurposed items you should also take a look at this little boutique shop in lake geneva. i found it taking my kids up to my parents lake house for the weekend and fell in love. they do a lot with repurposed items especially in lighting fixtures and have an interior decorating services also. its these little “you never know what you’re gonna find” shops that i can’t get enough of! keep it coming!

  5. BAM should let you pick out anything you want as a gift for doing such a great feature on them. Awesome pics as always!