Andrew Stansell

I ran into furniture designer and metal artisan Andrew Stansell a few weeks ago at the opening bash of Ipso Facto owner Brandon Nelson’s newest Three Oaks, Michigan endeavor Trilogy Antiques and Design. Somebody swooped in and bought Andrew’s industrial light fixtures mere moments after he pointed them out to me, but I wasn’t surprised. Andrew’s doing some of the best work of his career, and his furniture and lighting designs are now available at some of my favorite design destinations, including the aforementioned Trinity and the consistently excellent Andersonville antiques shop Scout. According to my sources, Andrew is meticulous in his craftsmanship, and his added attention to detail shows in his work. Andrew also has a knack for creating my favorite kind of vignettes: quirky, beautiful and unexpected. I’m in awe of his wall vignette (above). Do try this on a big wall in your own home, but I won’t be joining you. It’s a great concept that can be executed in countless ways, but I don’t have the aesthetic sense to pull it off nearly so successfully as Andrew. Click here for Andrew’s website.

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One Response to “Andrew Stansell”

  1. The biggest challenge in doing a vignette, I think, is determining your “big picture” topic. Once you do that, then it is just a matter of math, adding and subtracting, till the “equation” works. I have no question whatsoever about your aesthetics (they are just fine!) after reading Strange Closets for nearly 2 years.