Open House: Barri, Alex, Emma and Quinn (part deux)

Whether she’s creating a charm bracelet for her company M & B Vintage, styling a room for a photo shoot or making a home for her family, Barri Leiner Grant knows how to make things beautiful. I featured Barri’s lovely four bedroom, three bath West Lakeview apartment last May, but I liked the bedrooms so much that I decided to give them their own post. Enjoy. Thanks Barri, Alex, Emma and Quinn!

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Quinn’s room is darling. That might be the first time I’ve ever used the word darling.


Rubber ducky, you’re the one! This vignette is the very definition of the bees knees.

Emma’s bedroom is very cool. Wait and see, her first apartment will be perfect. (She’s already mixing patterns to great success).

Group like objects for maximum impact. It’s a cardinal rule and one Emma has learned at such a young age. She will speak the language of design fluently. (I speak it, but I can’t shake the accent).

Alex and Barri’s master bedroom.

I love the way this surface looks. It’s the kind of thing I just can’t pull off by myself.

I wonder if crabs are the new birds?

Alex’s mother painted this. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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One Response to “Open House: Barri, Alex, Emma and Quinn (part deux)”

  1. from darling (yes!) to smart, fresh and original, loved seeing more of barri’s home.

    it is refreshing to see a home that truly reflects the owner; who they are, what they cherish, where they traveled….mot just the current trends.

    can’t wait to see part trois.