Vintage Bazaar (pretty cool)

Hipsters and vintage enthusiasts crowded the slightly decaying but still grand Congress Theatre for the second Vintage Bazaar last weekend. It was a little dark and somewhat warm, but that (and the DJ) just intensified the weird, zany, sexy energy that made the whole day feel kind of like a Tarantino movie (sans the violence and the five dollar milkshake). Visitors were greeted to a smorgasbord of vintage duds, furniture and assortment of globes, phones and paint-by-number artwork. For those needing a haggle break, the lobby’s cathedral ceiling, intricate Classical Revival and Italian Renaissance details and checkerboard floor made a spectacular place to rest or make cellular telephone calls. Were you there honey-bunnies? If so, what did you think?

Please enjoy today’s musical accompaniment.

This is not a Bon Jovi concert. This is the Vintage Bazaar.

Nice joint huh?

Put the needle on the record. Put the needle on the record. Put the needle on the record ’til the drum beats just like this . . .

A moon? An industrial T? AKA Tate bait. It can only be the booth of Agent Gallery owner Mariano Chavez and his girlfriend, the amazing Kathy Lik.

My friend Gosia’s booth. I love getting her e-mail so much. Check out her amazing Etsy shop and her booth at the Andersonville Galleria.

No, I mean it. YOU’RE fabulous.

After I took this photo, a woman gave me a knowing look. “Jesus?” she asked. I just nodded.

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14 Responses to “Vintage Bazaar (pretty cool)”

  1. Tate, thank you for visiting my booth at the show. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the bazaar. It was my first time at the Congress Theatre and it was truly amazing being there. It is a magical place.

  2. Great pics Tate! I was there late in the day and your photos capture the mood perfectly.

  3. I was there! As a buyer, not a seller.. It was a little too crazy/crowded/packed/impossible to browse for me.. but I did score an awesome mannequin head for a steal so I(quickly)left a happy girl!

  4. great shots Tate! Nice joint huh? is something I would buy

  5. Looks like a great time. Can I assume this is in Chicago? An annual event? One day?

  6. It was less browse-y than mosh-y, but that’s what I liked about the day. It was magical.

    Johanna: Funny!

  7. thanks for writing about your experience, tate. great photos. katherine and i should have crowd surfed!! ha.

  8. What a great space for a bazaar! We don’t have any stunning old theatres like this left in Toronto or points east where I live. I would have found, like Emily, that such a crowd would be overwhelming. I would have taken frequent breaks out in the foyer to enjoy the architecture and interior panache. Is this Vintage Bazaar an annual event? In Toronto the Vintage Clothing Show and Sale is held every September in a cavern called the Automotive Building. Great bargains and finds, but low on atmosphere.

  9. Great pictures Tate – I want some of these to frame for my house!I have a fetish for old theatres.

  10. Tate- you need to get your photos in a gallery. I’m particularly drawn to the hipstamic shots. I love the collies paint by numbers.

  11. can you give me details, the dates and address?
    Thanks Teresa

  12. Hey Teresa, you can find more information about future Bazaar’s at

  13. Looks like such an awesome event/place and the Pulp Fiction music adds a nice touch to your photo gallery. So is the bazaar going to just be popping up a few times a year at whatever cool old venue they can get into?

  14. When will be the next bazaar and will there be spaces/booths to rent? I have many who would be interested.
    Saturday January 7, 2012