Open House: JB’s Highland Park Victorian

Last year KitchenLab founder and interior designer Rebekah Zaveloff introduced me to her friend JB, who also happens to own one of Rebekah’s favorite design projects, a stunning nineteenth century, 6500 square foot Queen Anne Victorian in Highland Park that feels homey despite its size and contemporary despite its age, moldings and original woodwork. While their collaboration started in the kitchen, JB and Rebekah hit it off so well that the project eventually came to encompass the entire home. In the front foyer, glove molds exemplify the type of vintage pieces the fast friends found during their many shopping trips and might have been my favorite accessory if it weren’t for a pair of cocktail tables made from vintage drums in the nearby living room and David Hicks patterned rugs in the dining room and kitchen. In fact, the entire home was spectacular, and it was easy to see why Rebekah was so keen to show me this project. For more about the kitchen renovation, please pick up a copy of the terrific July/August issue of Chicago Home + Garden on sale now. Thanks JB! Thanks Rebekah!

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The July / August issue of Chicago Home + Garden (on sale now). Click here to subscribe.

The David Hicks patterned rug adds a contemporary flair to the antique dining table and chairs.

Rebekah and JB found this pair of cocktail tables at Marco Polo – one of my favorite shops in nearby Harbor Country, Michigan.

JB and I both have a set of framed vintage astronomy plates. Perhaps we’re mental design dopplegangers.

Who wants to come home to this foyer?

Exactly. Me too.

The second floor recreation room.

A gorgeous vintage bathroom on the second floor.

The master bathroom is heavenly.

A guest bedroom.

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11 Responses to “Open House: JB’s Highland Park Victorian”

  1. Love it! What an amazing home with a fantastic design aesthetic. So cool and fun. Thanks for the great post.

  2. This is a great place. So many ideas to steal…


  4. I love this house too. Great job!!

  5. The third-last photo is a spectrum of soft and lovely colours. However, the hapless laundry hamper looks like it has been used as a football tackling practice dummy!

    I also like the hands collection. Rather than vintage astronomy prints, I am compiling a contemporary collection of astrophotos for framing. Looks like classic black with white mats will do the trick.

  6. Thanks so much Tate for a terrific house tour! I just love this house so much – it’s got such great bones and was a joy to work on. Thanks for all the kind comments too – and Carol, that comment on the laundry hamper is hilarious! We’ll have to find out from JB what on earth happened to it!

  7. I think the hamper is supposed to look squashed like that.
    I love the bathroom tile. LOVE.

  8. Tate and Rebekah, you both did a fantastic job of capturing this home and it’s numerous details. This is a beautiful house whose true soul was exposed by Rebekah and JB’s exqusite attention to detail and tendancy towards whimsies. Especially the laundry hamper.

  9. I really like this house. There need to be more houses like this that are hybrids with wite and dark wood work in them. I am doing that too, leaving our dark wood trim but putting white cabinetry in and white in furniture. Sometimes the dark woodwork has to stay but you need to find other ways to lighten up in order to live in the space.