Guest Post: Hillary Keech’s NYC Shopping Guide

Many thanks to Modest Designs founder Hillary Keech for contributing this excellent New York City shopping guide. A veteran of design firms such as Sills Huniford and Roman & Williams, Hillary understands that high design can be achieved on any budget, and I’m looking forward to visiting some of her selections during my next visit to New York City (which happens to be next week). Have you been to these shops? Which of your favorites should be added to my must-see list? Click here for more information about Modest Designs. And click here for Hillary’s blog. Thanks Hillary!

Hands-down, one of the best things about New York is the shopping.  Each shop has a unique point of view that is always focused and interesting, so the stores here constantly inspire new ideas.  As an interior designer, the most valuable tool I have is my shopping source book, a three ring binder that contains tons of business cards and lists of stores I have visited, along with my (somewhat frenzied) notes about the stores. To create this NYC Shopping Guide, I sorted through this book and chose ten of my favorite stores, a combination of antique and new furniture vendors for various budgets. Hope you enjoy and happy shopping!

Wyeth Home

This store never fails to inspire me, but be prepared to pay the big bucks.  It falls solidly in the high-end category, but nowhere in NYC will you find a finer or more refined selection of mid-century modern antiques, down to every last accessory.  The store is by appointment only, but is well worth the trip. (See photo above).

315 Spring St., New York City. 212.243.3661

Mantiques Modern

Mantiques is filled with an eclectic assortment of mid-century pieces and items that lean towards industrial.  Most of the vintage items here I have not seen in other stores, making it a one-of-a-kind shopping destination.

Mantiques Modern. 146 W. 22nd St., New York City. 212.206.1494


Ochre is a wonderfully edited store, each piece seems to fit into a greater story line.  It is a mix of antiques and newly manufactured items but similar to John Derian, everything has a delicate and graceful hand.

Ochre. 462 Broome St., New York City. 212.414.4332


Room is a great resource for new furniture from a variety of modern designers.  They have a knack for offering items before you start seeing them all over design magazines and their pieces are all of a good, solid quality.

Room. 25 North Moore St., New York City. 212.226.1045

Paula Rubenstein

If you love industrial furniture, you will absolutely fall in love with Paula Rubenstein’s Soho shop.  She has an impeccable eye and an incredible collection of vintage glass bottles.  Every object in her store has a beautiful, old world feel, she is able to make industrial feel warm and inviting.

Paula Rubenstein. 65 Prince St., New York City. 212-966-8954

John Derian

This is one of those shops that you can spend hours in, looking through all the beautiful, unique trinkets.  They have also started making furniture (which is also sold at ABC Carpet and Home) that is delicate and beautifully scaled.  I love the Astier de Villate line of pottery they carry and it’s rustic, natural look.

John Derian. 6 E. 2nd St., New York City

Liza Sherman Antiques

Liza Sherman Antiques is a great combination of antiques and hand-crafted items.  Her items are from all over the world and a lot of the pieces can be customized and tweaked to the shopper’s requirements.  This beautiful glass globe chandelier is a great example, they have lots of sizes and colors and is definitely a stand-out piece.

Liza Sherman Antiques. 37 A Bedford St. New York City. 212.414.2684


It’s not too often that you find a store with such well-crafted furniture pieces.  It is obvious from the moment you walk into BDDW that they are very passionate about what they make and the details are one of a kind.  They are true craftsmen and it is truly on of my favorite places to shop in New York.

BDDW. 5 Crosby St. New York City. 212.625.1230

Pucci International

Pucci offers furniture, lighting, art, etc. from some of the greatest contemporary designers in the world, including Vladimir Kagan and Chris Lehrecke.  One of the greatest things about visiting their store is the wide variety of mannequins they feature, they range from the beautiful to the bizarre but are definitely worth checking out.

Pucci International. 44 W. 18th St., New York City

Las Venus

With locations in the lower east side and inside ABC Carpet and Home, Las Venus has a major selection of mid-century modern pieces.  Their lighting in particular is authentic and fun, the sixties vibe is very strong throughout their inventory.

Las Venus. 163 Ludlow St., New York City. 212.982.0608

ABC Carpet and Home, 2nd Floor, 888 Broadway, New York City

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6 Responses to “Guest Post: Hillary Keech’s NYC Shopping Guide”

  1. Mantiques is awesome…was just there a few weeks ago. For another superb shop with a similar manly vibe check out Bizarre Bazaar on 65th:

  2. Thank you. Very helpful.

  3. Thank you, Ms. Keech, for the lighting samples you featured from Ochre, Room and Las Venus. My mid-century modern interior layout is still in the paper and planning stage, but now I know where I will find what I want when it’s time to go shopping.

  4. When I first saw this post I sighed with regret – my one friend who had lived in NYC was now in Wash DC, leaving no-one for this cheap-o to crash with (until I saw your post on the Jane Hotel – finally a budget NYC hotel that’s not a scary flea-bag or inconveniently located). But happily he is moving back to NYC this Fall and I can now bookmark this post and put these places on my to-see list!