What’s new at Michael Del Piero Good Design?

Running a shop takes different skills than decorating a house, but creating art is another thing altogether. But as I learned during a recent visit to her Bucktown boutique, Michael Del Piero effortlessly pulls off all three. Part entrepreneur, part curator and part decorative artist, Del Piero has consistently influenced the Chicago design scene since opening her Bucktown shop more than two years ago. It’s not hard to see why; Michael carries things you’re probably not going to find anywhere else in Chicago, and her compositions stick with you after you leave. For example, pairing Las Manos Gallery owner and artist Michelle Peterson-Albandoz’s tree branch installation Eye of the Storm with a mod nickel lamp asks universal questions about nature vs. technology, which seem especially relevant in light of the ongoing ecological catastrophe caused by BP’s Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. The branches rise up from the floor and arch over the shiny nickel lamp, which leans forward stubbornly. That was the image that stuck with me long after leaving the store. But then I looked at my photos, and I saw something different. Are they bowing to each other? A détente? Either way, the pairing is powerful, spectacular and gorgeous, a fine example of decorative arts and a testament to Michael’s evolving talent. And that was just one little niche. There’s a good deal of good design happening in that little shop in Bucktown.

Michael Del Piero. 1914 N. Damen Ave., Chicago. 773.772.3000

Wire sculptures by Lucy Slivinski. Click here for Lucy’s website. Click here for my interview with her in 2008.

Untitled by Joe Boudreau

Portrayed In My Mind’s Eye by Michael Thompson (Left)
Abstraction With Voids by Michael Thompson (Right)

Serge Mouille designed this sconce. Mouille is, without hyperbole, my favorite lighting designer. Click here for his website.

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4 Responses to “What’s new at Michael Del Piero Good Design?”

  1. Love that brass tripod table lamp – very unique!

  2. We represent Serge Mouille Lighting in Chicago. Check out our website for more details. http://www.morlensinoway.com.

  3. I could use one of those Mouille sconces over my bed as a late-night reading lamp. The floor lamp I use now has come unmoored from its base and tries to attack me at least once a night. I have propped it up with heavy-duty coffee table books to no avail… Does M. Mouille have a distributor in the Toronto, Ontario area?

  4. looks right on , nice mix . Love the branches with the bench & light !