UFO’s, chandeliers and setting the mood for dinner

Thanks to Scout owner Larry Vodak for giving me a great deal on what looks to be a 50’s Alvin Lustig Ring Chandelier. I first spotted the chandelier in Chicago Home + Garden’s feature on Larry’s Andersonville apartment, and I thought it was so cool that I ripped the page out for my inspiration file (you have one right?). So I was over-the-moon when I saw it hanging in one of Scout’s gorgeous window displays, and I’m pleased to report that as of yesterday evening (after a few months in storage limbo), the Alvin Lustig fixture now hangs in my dining room, replacing a much more traditional Robert Abbey chandelier I purchased at Crate and Barrel four years ago.

Larry’s dining room from Chicago Home + Garden.

The fixture is elegant in its simplicity, and it casts the perfect warm glow for a dinner party. (I may even start entertaining more often). Of course, it looked better hanging in Larry’s dining room (above), but hopefully it will inspire me to up the ante and finally replace the chairs and drapes with more interesting choices. Between the space age chandelier, the vintage globes on the built-in buffet and the framed antique astronomy plates, the dining room is taking on a space theme, so whatever I do, I won’t be adding rocket ship table centerpieces (enough is enough). Coincidentally, last night I was bopping around on the Internet, and I found myself reading an article on Paranormal News about a UFO sighting back in 1987 that included an eyewitness photo (below) of the UFO in question, and it looks suspiciously like my chandelier. Which begs the question: how much do we really know about this Alvin Lustig?  Thanks Larry!

Many of my friends think it’s too modern, and they liked the Robert Abbey better. What do you think? I’m really curious. (I can take it).

From Paranormal News.

Next I’m planning to replace these chairs with something a bit more interesting (vintage, colorful), and I’m definitely losing the drapes. Any suggestions about what should replace them? Different drapes? Blinds?

The Robert Abbey fixture.

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13 Responses to “UFO’s, chandeliers and setting the mood for dinner”

  1. That is the most outa sight chandelier I’ve ever seen and I LUV it. It looks fantastic in your dining room and is leagues above the one you replaced. Félicitations!

  2. It’s a little mod for my tastes but I do think it gives that dining room an edgy feel and that’s cool. I also like that you have lamps on the sideboard I think that adds to the glow in the room. I need to find a lamp for my buffet.

  3. I L-O-V-E the new fixture and this it’s so much more interesting than the previous one. And, it helps tie together the space theme nicely. If only I’d been at Scout before you it would be hanging in MY house!

  4. Happiness is flicking the switch on a fixture you love. I love it, too.

  5. the new light gives the room an entirely different attitude. every other piece in the room takes on a more sophisticated air and its circle shape is the perfect counterbalance to all the rectangles in the room. geometric juxtaposition is always smart.

    it is no surprise that the fixture is from scout. larry always has tasteful things with an edge.


  6. I hate the old one, actually. Boring! The ring is interesting, and looks fantastic–actually better than your inspirational picture.

    Keep it!

  7. Thanks Tasha. I liked the Robert Abbey at first, but I grew to hate it over time. My personal style has evolved more in the past two years than in the previous fifteen (probably from seeing so many incredible homes).

    And thanks to all for the thumbs up.

  8. Alright, I like it too now. But the other one is still beautiful. You took an unattractive “before” photo and an attractive “after” photo, just like they do in the fashion mags. That “before” photo looks like you dropped the camera and the shutter clicked accidentally.

  9. Janis! You’re not supposed to call me out when I attempt to influence subliminally.

  10. decorator dave 03. Jun, 2010 at 11:06 am

    Again…what a tidy apartment. Perhaps one day I will get invited over for dinner or cocktails. I nearly caused an accident the day I saw the fixture hanging in Larry’s fornt window. I double parked, ran in with my credit card out…only to be rebuffed by Larry and told it had already sold. Life sucks sometimes. When you get tired of it I will trade you my vintage french enamel disc light from my living room for it….

  11. Hi Tate, I agree with Janis, there was too much light in the “before” photo which did not allow your old chandelier to “shine” (pun intentional) to its best advantage. Love the new one, it looks FAB with the wall art!! Simple and stunning. Just because it’s called a “chandelier” doesn’t mean it has to look like it holds candles.

  12. Wait. I can’t tell from the photo but I don’t think the drapes are that bad? If they are made of good quality silk then they are fantastic. If they are synthetic then they should be burned (melted). I guess this is up to you to decide.

    The new fixture is fantastic.

  13. Hi Tate. Love the new fixture. If it were mine, I would try putting in Edison bulbs…it might bridge the gap between high modern and traditional?