My Favorite Room Contest Entries (Vote Now!)

Thank you to everybody who entered the My Favorite Room contest sponsored by The Painted Lady in Bucktown. Going through the entries was such a blast, and I’m amazed by the range of styles represented. The entry with the most votes wins the grand prize – any one item priced at $100 or less at The Painted Lady. OK everybody, it’s time to vote. Choose your favorite and leave a comment by Friday, July 2nd at 11:59 p.m. And remember. This is war. If you’re in this contest, you want this prize. Trust me. Lots of cool stuff at The Painted Lady. You took the time to enter. Now play it to win! Tell your friends, family, clients and neighbors to cast their vote! Good luck to all the amazing participants, and thanks again to the The Painted Lady for sponsoring such a generous prize!

The Painted Lady. 2130 N. Damen Ave., Chicago. 773.489.9145

Heather Chapple’s living room.

Interior designer Amy Leafblad’s condo. Click here for Amy’s website.

Dalya Lynn’s bedroom with a view.

Interior designer Tom Ferguson and partner James Hartis’ Chicago dining room. Click here for Tom’s Facebook page. Tom Ferguson Interiors.  3701 N Ravenswood Ave., Chicago. 773.404.7489

Cate’s bedroom (San Francisco).

Rosemary Warner’s bathroom.

Matthew Carollo’s living room.

Paula Cunningham’s kitchen.

Jill Maremont’s outdoor living room. Jill is the Director of Sales, Marketing, PR and Ecommerce for the residential Interior Design firm Susan Fredman Design Group. Click here for Jill’s Twitter account.

Interior designer Doris Ayres’ living room. Click here to contact Doris.

Nancy Benjamin’s living room.

Interior designer Heather Janits-Johnson’s living room. Click here for Heather’s website.

Lusine Sargsyan’s bedroom.

Artist Gail Potocki’s living room. Click here for more information about Gail’s work.

Marty Mitchell’s dining room.

Dave Albin’s bathroom (La Porte, IN).

Artist Judith Kramer’s studio. Click here for Judith’s Flickr set.

Marla’s dining room (San Francisco).

Lucinda Williams living room (Manhattan).

Chicago Home + Garden EIC Jan Parr’s guest bedroom. Click here to check out the magazine.

Julia Buckingham Edelmann’s living room. Click here for Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC.

Libby Alexander. (Click here for Libby’s excellent Etsy shop)

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285 Responses to “My Favorite Room Contest Entries (Vote Now!)”

  1. Matthew Carollo is my choice.

  2. Matt Carollo’s living room.

  3. Vote for Matthew Carollo’s room!

  4. Matthew Carollo is my favorite

  5. My vote goes to Matthew Carollo’s living room.

  6. Matt Carollo’s living room!

  7. I vote for Amy Leafblad’s room

  8. Matthew Carollo gets my vote.

  9. I vote for Julia Buckingham Edelmann! She is awesome!

  10. I vote for Julia Buckingham Edelmann. Love her space! She has such unique pieces.

  11. Loving Julia Edelmann’s room. Cool stuff.

  12. They are all beautiful but my favorite is Julia Buckingham Edelmann’s rooms. I am a sucker for anything orange!

  13. I vote for Julia’s living room. That hook is amazing!

  14. I vote Julia Buckingham Edelmann

  15. My vote goes to Matthew Carollo’s living room!!!

  16. I love Matthew Carollo’s living room!

  17. Yet another vote for Matthew Carollo.

  18. Matthew Carollo’s Living room!

  19. Matthew Carollo’s sweet living room

  20. Matthew Carollo’s living room.

  21. Matt Carollo’s living room gets my vote!

  22. I’m loving Matthew Carollo’s living room!

  23. Goooo Matthew Carollo’s living room!

  24. Matt Carollo’s living room

  25. Matthew Carollo! Love that living room!

  26. I vote for Matt Carollo.

  27. Matt Carollo’s living room is my favorite room

  28. I love Matthew Carollo’s living room. 😀

  29. Matthew Carollo’s living room – looks effortless, beautiful, serene

    Gail Potocki is second – love the creativity and color

  30. I vote for Lucinda Williams’ living room!

  31. Matthew Carollo’s living room

  32. Wow love the living room by Lucinda really amazing!!

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  34. Julia E.’s living room

  35. I love David Albins moody but restful bathroom!!!!! Makes me smile