This Week: Flora Grubb and my garden

We’re actually having a spring this year in Chicago. Not too cold, not too hot, the pleasant, often sunny days have made it possible to enjoy two of my favorite things: sleeping with the windows open and dining alfresco on my rear deck. Unfortunately, there’s not much to look at in my tiny back yard, which went from completely overgrown when I bought the place a few years ago to perfectly manicured (but perfectly boring) now. While I ordinarily don’t care too much about the garden part of home and garden, visiting Flora Grubb in San Francisco earlier this year awakened something in me, so I think I’ll finally get to work this fall.

My sad back yard

In addition to the ideas I picked up at Flora Grubb, my friend Dave, a jack-of-all-trades who takes on various construction and landscaping projects, was kind enough to sketch a plan, which incorporates trellises on the garage, a circular brick patio and space for trees, shrubs and vegetables. To save money on labor, I’m planning to wait until fall, a non-peak time when landscapers will often lower their rates, to start the project. While I’d love to enjoy my little garden starting tomorrow, this gives me a few months to scour Craig’s List for free bricks and to incorporate other ideas. If you have any good landscaping tips or suggestions, I’m all ears. In the meantime, check out the amazing Flora Grubb.

Flora Grubb. 1634 Jerrold Avenue. San Francisco, CA. 415.648.2670

This reminds me a bit of Chicago artist Jackie Seiden’s back yard art installation. Lemon trees won’t thrive in Chicago’s climate (yet), but how about another kind of lemon?

What’s up G?

I like it, but would using a pedestal sink as a planter look too Sanford in my own back yard?

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