Open House: Martha and Ben’s Wicker Park place

Martha Muholland and Ben Chappell’s taxidermy-filled 1800 square foot Wicker Park apartment feels simultaneously rustic and refined, serious and playful. Incorporating both her Kentucky roots and her urban now, the stylist / designer / decorator mixes lucite, mid-century modern and antique pieces with one-of-a-kind finds such as the red leather upholstered chair, which sits under a vintage Andy Warhol lithograph (which hangs under a stuffed Dahl Ram head). Naturally! Or at least Martha makes it feel natural, not to mention effortless. Since moving to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002, Martha’s career has taken off. In addition to freelance styling gigs, Martha assists interior designer extraordinaire Michael Del Piero at her Bucktown boutique, and earlier this year, she was featured in Mix Mistress, which appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of CS Interiors, and Apartment Therapy. I thought you might enjoy the scouting shots I took last fall. The apartment also has a different but equally amazingly designed lower level, and I’ll post those photos at a later date.  Thanks Martha and Ben!

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12 Responses to “Open House: Martha and Ben’s Wicker Park place”

  1. I think she’s a genius at placing and arranging objects. Her apartment is a perfect work of art.

  2. Tres chic! I’d swipe the cat anatomy poster or Martha’s fab belt buckle!

  3. I’d swipe those lucite bookends (if I had to choose just one thing). I found a pair on Ebay, but they were gigantic and expensive. Martha’s are perfect.

  4. I’d swipe the lady in the chaise as a bookend – Love it! Cool place. Lots of personality. Not into the taxidermy, but it works for her. I’d be screaming in the middle of the night with that head over me!

  5. That statue of the woman on the chaise is so perfectly placed on that ledge and as a bookend. So jealous.

  6. And the lovely Charles Pollock chair. Great balance of older and modern items.

  7. Now this is a comfortable home. The taxidermy is discreet, well-placed and comprises no threatened species. To heck with the bookends, I want the books! (I actually have one, but I guess if I want the others, it’s E-Bay time). I also like the well-composed mirror montage in the first photo. And the owners are as stylishly turned out as their surroundings! Bravo!

  8. curious as to who or what the legs hanging on the wall (above the print of the woman’s back) by the computer belongs to….

  9. one of the most sophisticatedly comfortable homes i have seen on here in awhile. if they would lose the grotesque and cliched taxidermy it would be even better.

  10. If I were a burglar I would hit your home and steal all of your delicious finds. I’m not so don’t worry…..but I may try to wrestle that belt off of you if I see in the neighborhood. Jk…maybe not (about the belt….I really like that belt).

  11. The marble lady on the chaise is a copy of the famous Paolina Borghese as Venus Victrix by Antonio Canova, now in the Palazzo Borghese in Rome. Copied almost since the time it was created, it was considered scandalous for the sister of Napoleon to pose nude as the Goddess of Love.