Open House: Martha and Ben’s Lower Level

When Martha Muholland and boyfriend Ben Chappell moved into their Wicker Park ‘duplex down’ apartment, she was excited about having a lower level to decorate. True to her formal southern roots, the Kentucky native decided to stage the first floor as a more formal receiving / guest area. The lower level serves as the couple’s private quarters, and they play music, watch TV and sleep in what Martha calls a “70’s-style chill pad.” Martha covered the unattractive industrial carpeting with layers of vintage rugs, and repainted an ugly red accent wall black. A black leather sofa anchors the room, and paired with Ben’s musical instruments (a keyboard in one corner, string instruments in another) and low ceiling heights, the space feels rock star cool. (Smoke is the only thing missing). Fittingly enough, a vintage toy horse behind the sofa once belonged to one of the members of local band done good Smashing Pumpkins. In contrast, the spacious adjacent bedroom is quiet, simple and cozy with white walls and linens serving as the backdrop for Martha’s trademark vignettes.  Click here to see Martha and Ben’s equally gorgeous upper level.

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Martha’s mother

I love this closet.

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3 Responses to “Open House: Martha and Ben’s Lower Level”

  1. Very cool digs. Neat collection of hats! Seems very bright for a lower unit–way to make the most of your space!

  2. After I was finished swiping Martha’s belt buckle, I’d pocket that nice orange lamp – SWIPE!

  3. Wow, this designer is a rising star. Thanks for sharing. Photography is beyond stunning. Wicker Park is the place to be. It’s nice to know I have interesting neighbors.