Open House: Heather and Cam’s Blank Palette

Glass mosaic artist Heather Hancock and her husband Cam Balzer bought their house in 2005, but the Evanston single-family was far from Dwell-like when they first saw it. The tiny dated kitchen had ugly 80’s cabinets and was closed off from the living room; walls throughout the house had been painted peach and seafoam green and an ugly blue shag carpeting ran up the stairs. Cam and Heather’s realtor encouraged them to look past the dated rooms and see its potential: high ceilings, great natural light and plenty of space for the kids (Clio, 9, and Milo, 5) to play and for Heather to create art. Sold! Sparing no time, Cam and Heather blew out the kitchen walls, installed contemporary white cabinets and installed a large center cooktop island. They also added recessed lighting, refinished the existing wood floors and banished the blue shag in favor of hardwood. Cam and Heather favor a sleek, modern, minimalist style, so they selected mod furnishings and whitewashed the woodwork and the walls to create a calming a gallery-like space for their extensive art collection. When Cam and Heather’s realtor first showed them the house, she called the dated eyesore a blank palette*, and that’s exactly what they wanted – the perfect place to create an artful life.

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Painting by Theodore Boggs and Garrett Munski. (This is what I’d swipe. What would you make off with?)

Heather often takes on custom work such as kitchen back splashes.

Sculpture by Russ White.

Painting by Elise Pike Lerman.

Fume by Jason Rohlf.

‘Okonkwo Poiccard’ by Theodore Boggs.

Kid’s rooms are always so fantastic and chaotic. Toy carnage.

Give me a space like this, and I’ll take up yoga.

Triptych by Theodore Boggs and Garrett Munski.

Paintings by Matthew Schaefer.

* You know you were waiting for it.

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5 Responses to “Open House: Heather and Cam’s Blank Palette”

  1. I’d swipe that amazing backsplash – if I could get it off the kitchen walls.

    Otherwise, I’d take the Triptych by Theodore Boggs and Garrett Munski. So cool.

    Great post.

  2. Yes, the back splash is gorgeous. The Triptych is also pretty special!

  3. no need to pry the backsplash off. can easily create a fabulous one for your unique space, lesley : )

    love love the pieces by ted and garrett. and, hey, they’re local too.

  4. Hi, Lesley, we’ll have to put the Triptych up for auction… I suspect it would have bids from nearly every loyal Strange Closets reader. In lieu, I would make off with the oval silhouette chair in the living room. Thanks for the great pix, Tate.