This Week: Room 4 (San Francisco)

Reconnaissance Report VX138201-xx1

Accompanying Music: Strange Times by The Black Keys

Subject: Room 4

Category: Vintage, Retail, “California Cool”

Contact: 904 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA. 415.647.2764

Score: Seventies-era camel leather camera bag.

Why: Brass snaps are cooler than velcro, and it makes me feel like Steve McQueen.

Strange Closets User Rating: 4 (of 5)

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3 Responses to “This Week: Room 4 (San Francisco)”

  1. Chicago Nancy 21. Apr, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Excellent shop. I’m a sucker for a good globe. Also, those portraits are really fun.

  2. good selection of lamps. I’m surprised no one’s picked up that pillow with the needlepoint of the kittens.

  3. What only a 4 out of 5? I’d rate this place a 6 or 7 out of 5 at least!! Y’see, I need a couple of old-fashioned drum lampshades for these huge lamps at my brother’s house (actually we co-own it so I get to impose my design wishes from time to time). Right now neither the lamp bases nor the shades match precisely, so I could unify them with newer [ and… er… um… cleaner] lampshades.

    Let this be a lesson to you all never to have a chain smoker of cigars under your roof, not for as much as a day. (Not my brother, my late papa.)