Studio Tour: Cedri / Martini

Many thanks to the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce for planning such an interesting itinerary during my recent trip. According to the website Made in Vicenza, the region boasts more than 86,000 companies, mostly small and medium-sized businesses manufacturing home goods and jewelry. If you’re a designer or boutique owner looking for quality products to differentiate you in the U.S. market, Vicenza’s well worth the trip, and I’ll be posting a few of my favorite stops.

As I told Chamber representatives Alessia and Sandra one evening during dinner, planning an itinerary of company visits is a lot like planning a dinner menu, and they put together an excellent lineup, which included something for everybody, including: kitchen manufacturers, small textile companies and independent artisans. By the end of our first day of tours, I was exhausted (jet lag) and was ready to head back to the hotel room and try to catch up on my sleep. Fortunately, Alessia and Sandra had planned something completely different for our last visit of the day, the perfect dessert as it were: a tour of Rienzo Cedri and Andrea Martini’s loft studio.

Rienzo and Andrea create furniture, lighting and art using natural forms, and they export their work around the world. While the front showroom was gorgeous, I was more interested in taking a peak behind the scenes, and they gladly accommodated. It was fascinating to see the scale of their operation and the number of pieces in various stages of development, many of which have been carved from large chunks of styrofoam, a medium that allows them to perfect the form before graduating to more expensive materials. The talented fellows’ enthusiasm and creativity was infectious, and within seconds of entering their amazing studio, I felt completely energized, which is exactly how I feel when I meet artists here in Chicago. Enjoy the tour. Thanks Rienzo and Andrea.

Cedri / Martini Lab. Via A. Meucci 11 Zona Industriale Di S. Agostino, Comune di Arcugnano, 36057. Italy. 39.0.444.288803.

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3 Responses to “Studio Tour: Cedri / Martini”

  1. Amazing art!

  2. Was “natural forms” a polite way of saying phallic and yonic inspiration, or is my mind just stuck in the gutter?

  3. well…we have casually discovered just now your nice pics.. thanks!
    Rienzo & andrea / CEDRIMARTINI universe