Open House: Todd and Alvin’s West Andersonville Loft

Todd and Alvin’s first floor loft was featured in the fall 2009 issue of CS Interiors, and I thought you might enjoy my scouting photos.

Rather than opting to buy a neat, cookie-cutter condo, Todd Hilt and Alvin de la Cruz wisely followed their realtor Alley Ballard‘s advice and bought a former woodworker’s shop for sale on the first floor of the West Andersonville loft building where she herself lived. Which is one way to get awesome neighbors. Despite having less renovation experience between them than a couple of grade school kids, Todd and Alvin brilliantly transformed the dirty shop into a gleaming, white loft space even the fanciest bobo will love. Elevating the space to another level entirely is the couple’s personal art collection, gnomes, religious kitsch and other accessories that showcase their quirky style (i.e. a “friendly middle finger”).

Taking on such a massive project while also moving in together took its toll. Alvin strained his neck removing thousands of nails from the ceiling, slept on a cot in the back hallway and received the shock of his life when he came home to find the place flooded. Literally, he got electrocuted. But I’d risk a minor electrical shock (and more) for a chance to live in a, um, killer pad like this. To create private spaces and warm up the large open loft, the guys built a floating platform toward the rear of the loft where they laid wood floors. The front of the platform faces the kitchen and serves as a family room / guest room, which obscures their bedroom on the other side of the wall at the very back of the unit. While the world may be a stage, some – like Todd and Alvin’s place – are definitely nicer than others. In addition to appearing in CS Interiors, Playboy has used the completed loft for past photo shoots, which you probably already recognize (you old coot). Click here to see their realtor Alley Ballard’s Open House. Click here for all past Open Houses. Thanks fellas!

What I’d steal: the iconic Hillary Clinton campaign poster hanging over their bed. Or the hat molds. Or a piece of art. What would you swipe?

The woodworker left some goodies – like this amazing kitchen island.

This piece reminds me of being a kid.

Hat molds the couple purchased from Architectural Artifacts hang over the sofa. Awesome look huh?

Interesting, I’d forgotten about this, but I very nearly bought an @ decorative accessory at Restoration Hardware last weekend. But c’mon, Restoration Hardware? I don’t think so. Regarding the incredible pig’s tail, did you know the Museum of Modern Art in New York recently added the symbol to its architecture and design collection. According to the New York Times, the symbol is interpreted in different ways by different cultures. For example, the French and Italians call it the snail, the Norwegians call it a pig’s tail, the Germans have dubbed it a monkey’s tail,” and the Chinese, a little mouse.

The exposed pipes make an excellent built-in table.

Like you, I wondered if they ever wear the Luche Libra mask hanging above the desk, but I was much too bashful to ask. Maybe Todd or Alvin will leave a comment.

A vintage sling chair purchased at Architectural Artifacts.

Would you remove the slop sink? I wouldn’t, but they’re thinking about it.

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11 Responses to “Open House: Todd and Alvin’s West Andersonville Loft”

  1. I LOVE IT and yes keep the sink!

  2. What’s cool: I can identify several of the furniture pieces from local Andersonville shops. White Attic, Scout, Brownstone, Patina, Cassina, Urbanest. Way to go for supporting independent local businesses!

  3. Love the Hillary poster over the bed!

  4. decorator dave 06. Apr, 2010 at 11:51 am

    bloody brilliant. The hillary image makes me want to join her cult…and I love any flooring material that you can hose off!

  5. Tate, great pic’s of our house (except the unmade bed). We do shop local, alot (there’s alot of art that wasn’t visible in the shoot, from A-ville businesses).

  6. I’d totally swipe that awesome chest with a million drawers!

    Beautiful home and great photos!

  7. you think this place is fun, you should check out Alley Ballard’s Home Tour…it’s a treat.

  8. I love it.

  9. what a wonderful loft space and its decor!
    The space represents the ultimate luxury: the comfort!

  10. I’m a little late in my reply, but this place is pure eye candy. Really neat. And Architectural Artifacts is heaven. I love it so much, I got married there. I’m signing the “Keep The Sink” petition too. 😉