This Week: Industrialists (San Francisco)

Hacking Ikea furniture was all the rage a couple years ago, but I’ll wager even the best results won’t stand the test of time; even the finest lipstick applied by the best makeup artist can’t make pigs look like anything other than appetizing bacon (extra crispy por favor). But as a visit to Industrialists proves, hacking well-made industrial cabinets is a different story. Owner Tony Limtiaco and his crew salvage old stainless steel hospital cabinets, remove residual dirt and rust and very often modify them for residential use. Best of all, Limtiaco’s prices are the best I’ve seen short of doing the dirty work yourself. When I visited last month, Limtiaco was selling a long stainless steel counter with built-in sink for $250 (!), and a handsome armoire-sized cabinet for $1600. While specializes in kitchens and baths, Industrialists’ designers and craftsman will fabricate nearly any home product. Next time I visit California, I might very well drive my U-Haul and buy a cabinet to bring back with me. Thanks for the tour Tony!

Industrialists. 2193 Market St. San Francisco, CA. 415-701-7111

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4 Responses to “This Week: Industrialists (San Francisco)”

  1. Love this stuff! Too bad there isn’t something like this place in Chicagoland. Or is there?

  2. Tate, you are so adorably funny. This is a great post! I really love that slab table; it looks like something we just made a few weeks ago!

  3. Yes, is there? I really wanted a sink built into an affordable long stainless steel counter. Too late now.

  4. Hi Tony! Hope this reaches you. I often visited your store ( one w a champagne color Pekingese). Love to reconnect as I miss your stainless steel cabinets. Call me 831.331.0027 Joseph