This Week: Art Deco Collection (San Francisco)

There’s a cluster of antique stores on Market Street in San Francisco that’s worth checking out, my favorite being Art Deco Collection, a gorgeous showroom where every vignette is more breathtaking than the last.

Strange Closets Dictionary

Art Deco Luxury (ADL): Living in a well-appointed mid-rise apartment with at least three of the following: Art Deco furnishings, skyline views, a fireplace, a smoking jacket, a massive living room with plush wall-to-wall carpeting, a cozy little TV room with dark walls, Sing, Sing, Sing (on a Swing) on the radio, chair side floor ash trays, liquor as decor, zebra print (or any other zigzag). For two more fine examples of ADL, please check out my Chicago Home + Garden feature House Dressing about Mark and Linda Heister’s La Porte, IN home and their Chicago apartment (an early Open House).

Art Deco Collection. 1632 Market St., San Francisco. 415.255.1902

Have you bitten your knuckles yet? Well don’t. It’s not refined. And this just isn’t that kind of post; not today anyway.

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Because you demanded it! Juicy inside scoop! Owner Richard Shipman  and I were having a nice chat when I raised my camera to take this photo of the drawings hanging over his head above the desk. You heard it here first folks. Thanks for being so welcoming Richard. And for creating such an excellent store.

My right hand to God, I would build a room around that mural. Not just a room, an empire.

Do you see that grandfather clock? That’s why I got involved in the caper.

Nice joint. You can discern that from the curb.

Nothing says civic responsibility like banners.

And this place is directly across the street. I feel bad for those people. They were just minding their business walking down the street and snap, a random fellow (me) steals their souls. For a gosh-darn design blog!  Oh the humanity.

On the street. Keep on movin’ buster. You’re almost done.

More well deserved press for Art Deco Collection.

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5 Responses to “This Week: Art Deco Collection (San Francisco)”

  1. Tate, I agree. The screen actually made me gasp. I am sending this post to my sister-in-law who loves art deco. You make me laugh.

  2. We were just there in November, the owner of Art Deco Collection was one of the nicest and genuinely charming shop owners we spoke to own that trip. Gorgeous well curated shop with an eye for quality.
    The owner also hosts a Deco Lovers Party/Gathering in San Fran once a month.

    (slightly less impressed with the Modernism shop across the street, owner was too busy shuffling papers to acknowledge us in his 600 sqft space, quite a feat!)

    San Fran has a wonderful selection of shops, many of which are featured on (Like myself and Art Deco Collection) and

    You can browse online before you go, we did and it really helped us decide which shops we wanted to visit on our trip.

  3. Wonderful post. Great merchandise.

  4. Dreamy! So much more variety than Zig Zag, Chicago’s art deco emporium.

  5. I have dealt with this shop for many years. Rick (or Mr. Rick as he is sometimes known), is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. He has exceptional taste, and is always ready to assist me with making a choice from his extensive selection.